How do I Know about the Latest Air France Cancellation Policy?


Besides being the national flag carrier of France, Air France, by dint of great in-flight amenities and services, and its attractive policies, offers/deals, and packages, has secured a fair reputation. It covers 29 domestic and 201 international destinations both for passenger and cargo transportation. Hence, it’s a good idea to collect the most authentic and latest information regarding Air France Cancellation Policy before you book the flight. This page contains a bunch of relevant updates and basic policies about flight cancellation with Air France and the ways to receive the refund as well. 

Primary Points to Keep in Mind 

Flight Cancellation fees and charges are subject to the agreements of the ticket you have reserved. Cancellation policies may vary on the basis of the ticket type. Rules are different for refundable, non-refundable tickets, and business class. 

  • You can cancel the Air France Booking within 24 hours of the original booking
  • Air France can modify the schedule of your flight reservation up to 24 hours
  • The flight must have been booked 7 days in advance of its scheduled departure
  • To get the best benefits of the 24-hour cancelation policy you must ensure that the flight was booked either ‘From’ or ‘To’ the United States of America 
  • To enjoy the 24-hour cancellation policy benefits you must ensure that you book your flight through Air France Website/ Air France Mobile App/ the Ticket Counter at the Airport, or simply by calling at Air France Customer Assistance Center. 

However, if you want instant clarification do call the assistance desk board to get in touch with a live executive at Air France. They will also suggest ways to get the refund, if applicable, easily. 

Air France Ticket Cancellation and Refund Policy in Different Cases

Fees and Charges for Air France flight Cancellation are subject to the terms and conditions of the ticket one has booked. The cancellation policies at Air France are determined by the ticket type. Similarly, the Air France Refund Policy will differ as well. However, here is a short description of different kinds of cancellation policies applied to refundable tickets, non-refundable tickets, and business class tickets. 

  • Business Class

With a refundable ticket, you are entitled to get a full refund if canceled before the departure of the scheduled Air France airline. You can cancel your ticket even after your check-in at the airport. Look at the following points for more clarity –

  • If you had booked a Business Class ticket with Air France you are eligible to cancel it anytime without additional charges
  • Fully flex business class passengers are entitled to this service
  • Business Class tickets are fully refundable without any penalty
  • Basic Economy
  • Basic Economy tickets are non-refundable
  • On cancellation, an additional fee against cancellation will be charged
  • It is the most restrictive type of air ticket with Air France Airlines
  • Refundable Tickets

Air France has a very flexible ticket cancellation policy for refundable tickets –

  • Refundable tickets can be canceled even 4 hours before the scheduled departure without additional charges
  • A refundable ticket for a domestic flight can be canceled for free just 2 hours before the scheduled departure
  • You are entitled to a full refund even if you missed the booked flight owing to your own fault and even if the scheduled flight has departed
  • Non-Refundable Tickets

Before canceling a non-refundable ticket, you should keep the following terms and conditions in mind. However, you can contact the Air France Customer Assistance department 24/7 for quick help and the latest information. 

  • A credit gets added to your Air France voucher whenever you cancel a non-refundable ticket. You can redeem this voucher anytime but within 12 months from the date of cancellation
  • A cancellation fee is deducted from the booking amount just only for the unused part of the ticket and the remaining amount is credited for future travel
  • You are entitled to a full refund in case of the sudden demise of a co-traveler or a close family member, or if there is an immediate injury or extreme illness. You need certified proof to justify your cancellation. 

How to Cancel Air France Tickets?

Keeping in view passengers ease Air France operates all the windows for Air France Refund Policy currently in vogue. Therefore, you can use any of the methods to cancel your Air France Booking at per your convenience.

1 – Cancelling Online through Air France Website

  1. Go to Air France official website first
  2. Now, come to the ‘My Reservations’ section
  3. Enter your reservation/ticket number and last name in the appropriate boxes
  4. Then, click on the ‘Search’ icon
  5. Now, verify your flight
  6. Now, from the drop-down menu select ‘View/Edit Reservation’
  7. Here, you should confirm that the flight that you are cancelling has not departed
  8. Request for a refund

2 – By Calling the Customer Assistance Department

  • Call the toll-free number i.e. +1-845-459-2806
  • Keep all your necessary details handy
  • Now, listen to the automated instructions and follow them accurately
  • Press the right key after each option given
  • After listening to a human voice speak to him/her politely
  • Provide all the particulars of whatever is asked
  • Make the payment online (if applicable) 

3 – By Visiting the Airport

You can cancel your Air France ticket even by visiting the Air France window at the airport in person as well. You must carry all the relevant documents with you to avoid any complications there and make things easier and faster. 

Concluding Words

Air France is a highly preferred airline that ensures its passengers a great air-travel experience in all respects. According to its Air France Refund Policy, you can enjoy the most lucrative benefits if you need to cancel your booking with Air France all of a sudden. However, for the best suggestions and quick assistance, you are advised to contact Air France in person at +1-845-459-2806. From Reservation/Cancellation to in-flight facilities traveling by Air France will bring you a fascinating experience.