Latest Technologies Trends for Travel and Tourism in the Post Covid-19 Era

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Since the lockdown 2020, travel policies have been changed and moving from one country to another has become somehow difficult. However, the advent of technology has changed the travel and tourism industry.

Technology has been dealing with some serious changes to help the tourism industry in this hectic time. Every kind of technology is a blessing for human beings as we have some leveraging digital technologies to make travel accessible and convenient. Now we can hope for safe and manageable traveling. 

The traveling companies are adopting many techs to improve efficiencies and customer experience. These industries deal with ongoing challenges now and would do in the post covid -19 era. However before planning a trip, you must be aware by some of the latest travel technologies.

Tourism Technology During Covid and Beyond

The impact of technology is evident in the Tourism industry. There are many digital tools available that provide online booking platforms to luggage trackers and made a pleasant experience.

Pandemic opened new opportunities and gave a safer experience for tourists. We can say there are multiple benefits and real examples that show the positive side of innovation in a time of crisis.

Better Safety and Security

There are numerous applications of Artificial intelligence that made it possible to add automation and eliminate routine operations. In these applications, computer vision, predictive analyst, hotel check-in, and security check are included—all these helps to decrease the risk of spreading the virus and also decrease human accidents and errors.

For instance, self-bag drops are being used at airports to detect the Delta variant. Moreover, since the crisis of 2020, the demand for UV-C disinfection robots and Al-powered thermal imaging used have been increased.

Transparency and Control.

In the covid and post covid era, the latest digital tools are available in which tracker apps and interactive web maps are included.  These make international travel possible for people.  There are many unique features that address the current state of affairs.

 Lodgify is one of the vacation rental technologies that helps property owners to manage rental deals across Airbnb, Expedia, etc. It provides you better automate scheduling and control booking.

Travel Technologies During Covid-19

As we know, that virus is not going to go away; therefore, we should learn how to love it. There is much innovative technology for travel focused on providing tourists with a better experience.

Contactless Tech

Contactless services have acquired new value and are powered by many technologies such as sensors, NFC tags, RFID, and facial recognition. Non-touching services have been used in airports to ensure better safety and control.

 It plays a role in the hospitality sector as hotels provide smart hotel rooms and digital keys for comfortable services and to reach sustainability goals.

Digital ID

Covid-19 has created the new concept of traveling like green zone, red zoon, immunity/vaccine passport, covid database, etc., All these bring the next wave of travel technology trends.

All the countries are considering the immunity and vaccine passports. Many blockchain-based digital health passes can be customized for a variety of use cases and health passports or a test result wallet.

Tour Management Platforms

The new world provides more flexible and secure travel planning and management technologies. Many companies such as CCO, Ivan Shirokov strategized some future technologies to meet the customer needs.

 They offer you a trip planner that provides a set of fast and fully customizable tour planning. Moreover, some provide incredibly resourceful and interactive destinations, routes, experiences, and booking options.


Robotics is being used for better safety and control for travel experiences. Process automation was unfolding rapidly and adopted at a large scale in travel and hospitality.

loT (Internet of Things) and Big Data Technologies

These are the most important sources of innovations in travel. Smart things and spaces, real data analytics, and data science all are the digital strategies and initiatives to make traveling more efficient and make your travel secure.

It tracks and predicts people flow, sanitation control in public places, automation of security checks. All these were not possible without sensor technology and big data tools.  It has the potential to shape the future of the tourism industry. You just track their baggage via a link found on your mobile boarding pass.

Bottom Line

Travel and Tourism is one of the largest industries in the world. Due to the pandemic, this industry faced economic loss. However, by developing the latest technologies, new business models and innovations can shape the way in the post-covid-19 era.

Tourists need instant services and personalized products, and it is not possible without technology. We can’t deny that technology is the best friend and a way to rise above the crowd and provides services to people in an excellent way.

However, according to experts, the tourism industry will rise in 2022 and 2023 as it shows by the number of bookings, we will see a tremendous rise in the post covid era when people will live better with new technologies.

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