10 Least Expensive Hill Stations in India

expensive hill stations

Everybody loves to travel more or less. India is a country where natural beauty from east to west, north to south surrounds. From the mountains to the rivers, from the forests to the sea, there is a variety of natural beauty all around. There are various tourist destinations in India that can help make your dream come true. That is why today I am going to tell you some of the famous and least expensive hill stations that are full of natural beauty. See these below…

10 Least Expensive Hill Stations In India:

There is a precious gift of nature contained in every corner of India. From mountains, seas, rivers, waterfalls, rain forests to deserts and lush green forests are also situated here. By seeing the picturesque hill stations of India you will be fascinated by the beauty of India and the fullness of its cultural diversity. So, see below some least expensive hill stations here…

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1. Shimla And Manali:

Shimla is one of the most beautiful cities in Himachal Pradesh. The beauty of Shimla covered with its snow creates a different feeling among the people. Shimla has gained a great reputation for its natural beauty. People like to visit Shimla at different times of the year, enjoy the beauty of Shimla in the same way that people like to visit all the places of Mall Road or Church Area.

When it comes to mountains, Manali is a famous hill station. Manali is one of the most popular places for hill lovers. Natural beauty, full of A. Many people visit here at different times of the year, including one of the tourist spots here are Solang Valley, Hidimba Temple, Manu Temple.

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2. Dalhousie:

Dalhousie is a place of natural beauty covered with fog and ice. This Dalhousie is very popular among tourists. People from different parts of the country visit Dalhousie at different times of the year. When you see this place, you will want to stay there for the rest of your life. A captivating place whose environment is capable of providing ultimate peace and comfort to people.

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3. Munnar:

Munnar hill station in Kerala is like heaven. Incredibly the most beautiful and quiet hill station in South India is Munnar Hill Station in South India. Blessed with a honeymooners paradise located in the lush green terrain of Kerala, beautiful lakes and waterfalls through fragrant plantations, exquisite creatures, and rich flora, Munnar is a stunning hill station that you need to visit in South India on Madurai. Take a tour of the spice or sit beside the springs looking at the beautiful scenery and this place captivates your mind.

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4. Darjeeling:

The most important and attractive hill station of West Bengal is Darjeeling. Darjeeling has the power to make anyone his lover, full of the aroma and tea sowing of his wet tea. You must visit this hill station in India. Enjoying the Teesta River on one side and the high hills of the Himalayas on the other will be a unique experience during your visit to Darjeeling.

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5. Gangtok:

Situated at an altitude of 5500 feet, Sikkim’s capital Gangtok is a clear hill station, which provides an ideal view of Kanchenjunga in clear skies. The view of Kanchenjunga, famous as the highest peak of India, will mesmerize you. This hill station offers you the enjoyment of a clean climate and beautiful scenery.

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6. Shillong:

The capital of Meghalaya, Shillong is situated amidst the Khasi Hills. Due to its beautiful and high hills, this hill station is also called Scotland of the East. Has been attracting tourists from time to time in its beauty.

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7. Ooty:

This is a paradise for those who are fond of fishing, who enjoy wildlife, and like the highest peak of Ooty. Popular between a perfect family holiday destination, ‘Queen of Hill Stations’ or Ooty has been a popular hill station for years. Growing mountains, dense forests, vast grasslands, and tea gardens up to miles greet every traveler. Take a tour through the coffee plantations and taste some fresh coffee.

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8. Mount Abu:

Mount Abu is the best honeymoon spot within the state due to its calm and lush green environment. Mount Abu is located in the Sirohi district of Rajasthan in the midst of a very attractive and exquisite Aravalli range. It is the only mountainous region of Rajasthan and the climate here is different from other districts. If you are fond of history or architecture, this is one of those places in India that you should not miss.

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9. Coonoor:

Coonoor Hill Station in South India is located at the eastern end of the southern end of the Doddabetta range, at an elevation of 1,858 meters above sea level. If you have already reached Ooty, then there is nothing wrong with traveling to Coonoor. It is located a short distance from Ooty. 

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10. Mussoorie:

Mussoorie is a beautiful little place where nature is intoxicated by its own rhythm and all the tourists are mesmerized by its beauty. In Mussoorie people are eager to enjoy their own pleasure and comfort, then you must go to Mussoorie at different times. For those nature lovers who are desperately trying to spread the love hidden within themselves in nature, then at least once Mussoorie can surely turn around. You can go to Mussoorie from Delhi very quickly and easily.


For those who go in search of hill stations abroad, India is nothing less than a paradise. The hill station of India also called a panoramic hill station. This hill station full of natural scenery will not only make you feel at peace from the urban part but also you will experience the clean environment by coming here. There are many places to see here, not only this, for adventure enthusiasts, India’s hill station is less than a gift.

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