Khajuraho – Let’s You Travel to the History


In the beautiful Chhatarpur District of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, there is a magnificent town called Khajuraho. Khajuraho is one of the most well-liked tourist locations, is well-known for its erotic sculptures and is home to the biggest collection of ancient Hindu and Jain temples in the nation. Not to mention, the Khajuraho Group of Monuments is regarded as one of India’s “seven wonders” and has been recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site since 1986.

All about Khajuraho

Stunning Temples of Khajuraho

Khajuraho is reputed to feature some of the best yet oldest temples in the entire globe and is well known for its rich historical appeal. The Khajuraho Group of Monuments are known for their spectacular nagara-style architecture and erotic sculptures that adorn the temples, in addition to a collection of Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist temples. It is true that several of these temples were built in the ninth and tenth centuries, and they have probably seen the rise and fall of many dynasties, including the well-known Chandela dynasty.

It provides an opportunity to explore some divine yet majestic temples of Ghantai, Vamana, Brahma, Matangeshwar, Adinath, and Mahadev while leaving the stunning nagara-styled architecture and erotic sculptures alone.

Temple’s Light and Sound Show

The Western Group of Temples’ sound and light spectacle is a sight to behold and remember for a very long time. The purpose of this sponsored event is to satisfy the visitors’ intense interest while also illuminating different historical, religious, and cultural facts and customs of the aforementioned ancient ages. The sound of light snows adds nothing to the already exquisite temples but bathes them in a whole new light, which is a sight that is truly a treat to the eyes and soul.

The shows are both in Hindi and English and are very well planned. Visitors may learn a great deal about the sculptures, artwork, and interesting tales found only in temples, which will leave you in wonder.

Walk by the Khajuraho Old Town

One of the greatest unconventional things to do in Khajuraho is to take a tour of the old town, which is unquestionably one of the top things to do for those who are passionate about our rich Indian history. This intriguing old town, which is full of lovely mud houses and rustic huts, has roads that are far cleaner than those in other Indian cities. Visitors may definitely get a peek of the odd way of life of the locals and see the local girls as they pass by dressed in their traditional clothes. It’s frequently thought of as an unspoken custom practised by the locals to welcome guests over for a cup of tea.

Panna National Park

Several wildlife species, including cheetahs, jackals, langurs, wild boars, and chinkaras, may be found in Panna National Park. Numerous bird species find it to be a paradise, including hawk eagles, king vultures, honey buzzards, Indian vultures, and buzzards of all kinds. Fun safari excursions are available in park-owned cars at Panna National Park. The fact that this activity also gives you the choice to stay in jungle cottages and woodland rest houses makes it one of the best things to do in Khajuraho.

You can see unusual fauna and bird species. For a mind-blowing experience, select to stay in the park’s exquisite forest cottages. Enjoy Mother Nature in all of her glory and splendour.

Khajuraho Dance Festival

A well-known activity in Khajuraho is undoubtedly taking in the splendour of the magnificent dance festival held there. Usually held in the latter weeks of February, it features the mesmerising backdrop of the exquisitely illuminated Khajuraho Temples. Visitors will enjoy seeing well-known Indian classical dance styles including Kathak, Kathakali, Odisha, Kuchipudi, and Bharatanatyam performed throughout the festival. To round out the picture, various contemporary dance styles will also be on display. If you’re thinking of visiting Khajuraho, you shouldn’t skip this.

Ajaigarh Fort

80 kilometres away from Khajuraho from Ajaigarh Fort, which is restful at a height of 688 metres on a lovely hill. It was a fortification used by the Chandela Kings and is regarded as one of the most significant structures in their well-known and prestigious past. The spectacular Vindhya Ranges, which surround the fort, provide stunning vistas of the vast landscape. The forts are thought to have been the Chandela Kings’ stronghold and were crucial to their rule.

Khjuraho’s local street food

There are many of mouthwatering street foods in Khajuraho that you can’t resist trying. Nearly every street in the stunning Khajuraho is lined with tantalising food stands, and it is situated a fair distance from the temple complexes, which are considered quiet areas. Among the various delectable foods, you can find several readily available treats from India, such chats, tikkas, samosas, dal Barfi, and bhajiyas.

State Museum of Tribal and Folk Art

In the Chandela Cultural Complex in Khajuraho, there is a unique museum called the State Museum of Tribal and Folk Art. Some of the most famous antique artefacts and treasures are kept there. The museum also displays wonderful tribal artefacts made by craftspeople. Travelers, fans of history, folklore, and culture are just a few of the visitors it draws from all walks of life.

Raneh Falls Canyon

Raneh Falls Canyon is a 30 foot deep, gorgeously coloured canyon built of crystalline granite. For those who love the outdoors and are interested in birding, the canyon is the ideal location. This area is further enhanced by the numerous little and large waterfalls that are present. This area’s abundant vegetation provides fresh air and makes it aesthetically pleasing. One of the nicest things to do in Khajuraho is to visit this location.

Pandav Waterfall

Pandav waterfalls, which are concealed behind the thick foliage of Panna National Park, plunge 30 metres to the ground. The water from the waterfall is collected in a pond at the base of the waterfall, which is formed by a narrow valley. The Pandavas are believed to have travelled over the waterfall when it was named after them.

Mastani Mahal

In Madhya Pradesh’s Dhubela area is where you may find Mastani Mahal. It is approximately 60 kilometres away from Khajuraho. Maharaja Chhatrasal commissioned the construction of Mastani Mahal in honour of Mastani. One of the things to do in Khajuraho is to visit this mahal. You might be interested in some of the local myths and traditions that surround this mahal. After defeating Bangash, the legendary Peshwa Bajirao married Mastani.

Budget Stay in Khajuraho

If you are looking for a stay or may be a hostel in Khajuraho, there are various options available in the nearby vicinity to the temples.


There are a lot of locations in Khajuraho that are regarded as top tourist attractions, and many are affordable, some are even free, and a smaller number may be expensive in comparison. Travellers can organise their trip sensibly, taking into account their time and budget.