Best things to do in Europe in summer

List of best things to do in Europe in summer

The summers are one of the best times to visit Europe. This beautiful continent offers everything that the wanderlust inside you crave. The country has many mesmerizing and delightful experiences to offer to travelers. No matter who you are traveling with and what you want to experience, this country has something for everybody in the store.

If you are planning a summer trip to this beautiful continent. Then the list of best things to do in Europe in summer will be quite helpful to you. The list contains some of the must-have experiences capable to leave your heart in awe.

Let’s know the best things to do in Europe in summer-

Unveil the historical secrets, Vatican City, Rome

The beauty of Vatican City attracts thousands of tourists here every year. The number of museums, ancient architecture and churches make this city magnificent and a must-visit. The Vatican is studded with different gems of history and roman secrets. These are capable of fascinating the history lover inside you. The admirable ceilings of Saint Peter’s Basilica will give new wings to the architecture lover in you. Roam around visiting the Raphael Rooms and Vatican Library of Rome.

Take part in the San Fermin Parade, Spain

The popular San Fermin festival is held in summer every year. An eight-day festival that is conducted mostly in July has been a part of various movies and shows. And trust us when we say that the entire experience is more fun than the one we saw in movies. Referred to as the greatest party in the world, this bull game is a must-play in a lifetime. Vibrant colors, big heads, colorful dresses, classic traditional music, jaw-dropping fireworks, and the renowned bullfight makes the festival a phenomenal experience. And probably the best way to spend your summer holidays. You can take direct flights to Barcelona from US to experience this amazing parade.

Dive in Rhodes, Greece

Rhodes is a mesmerizing Greek island is in Greece. The island is a popular summer destination across Europe because of its unique culture. Join the popular nightlife comprising beach parties and loud music or just enjoy the calm walking on the shore while gazing at the stars. These beautiful islands have everything you can enjoy according to your mood. Get a great tan while lying beside the beach or build sandcastles with your kids. To diving and experiencing the sea life so closely, all these experiences will make your heart feel more full. The islands have their delicacies and the city is a must-visit while visiting the islands. Rent a car and ride across the island, exploring its different corners while having a fun experience.

Get Lost in the Bialowieza Forest, Poland

The forest lies between the border of Poland and the Republic of Belarus. Walk or cycle through these forests and enjoy the healing experience of nature. Catching a fresh breath of air, you can experience the great flora and fauna here. Bialowieza is the only place where the European Bison can still live freely. You can encounter animals like wild boar, deer, wolf, and elk easily in the jungle. Don’t worry about encountering the bison as they live under a restricted area fenced by wires allowing you to experience this beautiful forest completely. Apart from walking and cycling you can also do horse riding or ride in a carriage on the borders to watch European Bison. Take direct flights to Poland from USA to get lost in the wilderness of Bialowieza.

Play sports in Interlaken, Switzerland

The European sports capital, Interlaken, is inviting you to play different sports. If you have an adventurer soul, then you can enjoy various thrilling adventures in the city. And if you are someone that is not into sports, then enjoy the nature of this place that will nurture your soul. Trekking the high mountains, swimming into the deep lakes while enjoying the great flora and fauna is a significant experience to have. Besides this, you can enjoy activities like bungee jumping, skydiving, hang gliding, kayaking, and climbing down the canon here. You can visit this place in Switzerland through rental cars, cabs, trains, and buses. And get lost in the beauty of nature while doing thrill-seeking adventures.

Go skiing in the Saas-Fee, Switzerland

If you share a love for mountains and snow, then skiing in the Saas-Fee this summer could be the perfect activity for you. Saas-Fee a Switzerland destination as a great place for skiing and snowboarding throughout the year. But the summer sun adds to the beauty of this destination, making summers the best time to visit this place. It will be a great treat for you if you are out from the love of beaches or want to have an uncommon experience. Skiing down the crispy slopes of mountains feeling cool in summer is among the best experiences anybody could wish for.

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