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If you are into history and architecture, then visiting Europe’s museums must be on your radar. The continues has thousands of museums and the choice-making process can overwhelm you easily. This list of must-see museums will help you choose without being overwhelmed.

Museum of Miniatures, Andorra

A museum that celebrates the small things, the Museum of Miniatures is in Andorra. The museums contain miniature or small versions of Russian dolls and religious artifacts. Some pieces are so small that they can rest on a piece of rice. These miniature pieces are created by the world’s best “microminiature” Mykola Syadirsty. The museum plays also plays a film showing how Mykola created these miniature designs. You can see him working while holding his breath, using the ultimate soft hands to maintain the shape of these miniature pieces.

Galleria Borghese, Rome

The museum resides in an elegant villa and one of the most renowned museums in the world. The museum’s outskirts have the 3rd biggest park in Rome. The museum contains various artifacts related to Cardinal Scipione Borghese and art pieces of Caravaggio. The museum can marvel at every spectator keeping aside their age groups. If you are a fan of any among Raphael, Rubens, Caravaggio, Tiziano, and Botticelli, you would love to visit the top and bottom floors of the museum. You can take direct flights to Rome from US to visit this jewel of museums.

Belvedere Museum, Austria

A museum that looks like a palace seems exciting? Well, the belvedere museum will leave no stone unturned to amaze you. The museum was once the palace of the Prince of Eugene of Savoy. The palace seemed so beautiful to the Prince that he decided not to live in it and preserve its beauty.

He wanted to be a spectator of it, so he started living in another palace built on the lower grounds so he can admire the beauty of Belvedere completely. The palace was turned into a museum in 1907 and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The museum is the home of the famous “Der Kuss” painted by Gustav Klimt.

Museum of Warsaw Uprising, Poland

This museum displays pictures that symbolize the war and its effects. It also plays documentaries shot during the 1944 war along with other exhibitions. This museum will allow you to learn the role of Poles in preserving their nation. And if you are Polish, it will provide you a sense of pride. The photos of Warsaw’s destruction will leave you amazed that how the city is in existence till now. You can take direct flights to Poland from USA to visit this epic museum depicting great Polish tales.

Magritte Museum, Belgium

Among the Royal museums of fine arts, Magritte features the works of Surrealist Rene Magritte. The museum is the home of works of more than 200 esteemed artists who were famous across the globe for their presentable craft. The museum is visited by 3,00,000 people every year and is a great tourist attraction in Belgium. The museum contains the most famous work by Rene Magritte, “Son of Man”.

Old master Museum, Belgium

Belgium is the land of some world-renowned museums. And the Old master Museum is one among them. The museum is the home of 20,000 pieces of great art and craft. You will find the works of Peter Paul Rubens, Pieter Bruegel, and Robert Campin. The museum contains the famous “landscape with the fall of Icarus”. This painting has been the inspiration for many poems.

Museum of Arts and Crafts, Croatia

A unique museum with the theme of broken hearts, the Museum of Arts and Crafts, Croatia is a sure place to visit. Besides broken hearts, the museum focuses on frogs and war photography. The museum was established in 1880 and is the home of more than 1 lakh pieces related to history, art, and crafts.

It also contains one of the finest libraries in Europe containing 65,000 books and their different volumes. The museum contains the world-renowned piece “deer wedding” painted by Ivan Generalic. His works were more child than traditional. The inspiration and the destination where the painting was painted are the same, the village of Ivan Generalic.

Museum of Broken Relationships, Croatia

The most interesting museum you will visit on your travel across the globe is the Museum of Broken Relationships. Its unique theme and name contribute to making it a great tourist attraction in Croatia and Europe. The museum resides in the country’s heart, its capital, Zagreb. The museum is dedicated to failed relationships, the ones that couldn’t survive the tests of love and time. And at the end left with two broken hearts.

The museum contains the letters, snippets, music, and other things of these broken hearts. Besides the hearts broken out of love, the museum also cherishes the hearts of families broken because of wars, lost siblings, or parents. The intimacy these donated items presents will make you remember your loved ones for sure.

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