Koh Samui

Whenever you hear people talk about Thailand, Places like Bangkok, Pattaya, or Phuket are the major attractions because you have a notion that Thailand is only about the crowd and the nightlife. It’s not worth a laid back kind of vacation. That happens only if your travel agent has not told you about Koh Samui and the beauty of it.

So, Here’s a list of attractions that will make you include Koh Samui in your Thailand Tourism Package for your next Trip:

Chaweng Beach:

Having a historical context involved in it, this is the beach that tops the list of popularity. If you wish just to enjoy the scenic beauty of the place, you can get your solace here or else you can also hop into the number of bars that are located on the beach itself.

Ang Thong National Marine Park:

For pristine beaches, waterfalls, the beauty of jungles and limestone mountains, this place is a must-go location that Koh Samui has as a hidden treasure.

Koh Phangan:

Nightlife is not just the attraction of the streets of Bangkok only if you are the kind of person who enjoys the late night full moon parties that this place is famous for. 

Mae Nam Beach:

In search of solace, you stepped in Koh Samui, and the ideal place to dive deeper into understanding self-worth in this beautiful place is when you get to spend time with your near and dear one or yourself in this place that tourists hardly visit. The chances are that the tour travel guide might not even know its existence as it isn’t amongst the major attractions, but you make sure you do that for him. 

Na Muang waterfall:

A twin cascading waterfall on the purple-hued rocks that is also known as “purple falls”. For tourists, this place has always been a major attraction because of the twin falls. Amongst the two one fall is at a reachable distance. The tourists always advise to take their shoes off when they visit the falls because of the slippery surface to avoid mishappenings. If you want to avoid the crowd then the best way to do it. This is an ideal place to be in the company of nature and soak yourself in the cold splash of water in the humid weather. 

The modernity of the place, even after keeping you closest to nature, is a spellbound experience that you will never have in any other place. So if you have always loved beaches and wanted to have a relaxing stay in someplace, that does not compromise on the luxuries and keeps its natural essence intact. Koh Samui is that place for you. Amongst the hill, the waterfalls, the beaches, you shall find the peace that was much needed for you in between the race of life. So, when you visit Thailand, head to Koh Samui. That shall not just surprise you as the best beach destination but there are a lot of other adventurous things for you to do there. 

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