7 Tips for Making Unforgettable Travel Videos


I have to confess it to you. I am addicted to YouTube and travel videos. They inspire me and transport me to places I want to know. 

Well, from watching travel videos so much, the bug bit me, and I’m going to start doing them too. I am learning, and I will improve them little by little.

And since I know that some of my readers want to learn how to record videos when they travel, in this post, I’m going to tell you some practical tips to improve and make your travel videos unforgettable.

I think I don’t have to tell you that we are in the video era; No matter the field, we pay more attention to everything visual, and on trips, it cannot be less. In fact, it is increasingly in demand.

Currently, we are many travel blogs. Many of us write about the destinations we visit, give advice, tours, etc. So in the face of so much “competition,” you have to differentiate yourself, and what better way to do it than with videos.

Although at the beginning (perhaps it is not your case because you already have a large community behind your back), no one sees them. Think that they are memories that will always remain there, and whenever you want, you can transport yourself again. So first of all, if you do them, do them because you are passionate about it.

Well, let’s get started. What should you take into account in your travel videos so that they are of quality?

Be clear about what you want to tell

If you mix many things, and you do not follow a common thread, surely you do not transmit what you want, and not only that, but you are going to find yourself with several problems.

First, the video will be a meaningless video; second, it will be complicated when editing it. It will be complicated because you will not have the possibility of making it fluent, and it may not be quite right.

Don’t move the camera

When recording planes in motion, do not move the camera fast. It can end up making you dizzy, and also, the image is not sharp.

In fact, YouTube detects if the video moves a lot, with the consequent problem for positioning, since it does not help because it is an indication of low quality.

Record your travel videos in HD

If we talk about quality, it is essential to record in high definition.

Minimum is 720p. It was in better 1080. There is not so much problem finding a camera that records with that quality, even many mobiles do, so there is no excuse.

Edit your videos easily

Editing the video is almost more important than recording it because the result depends on whether people watch your video to the end.

You can use intuitive video editing programs like RecordCast Video Editor to create your video professionally, even if you are inexperienced. Whatever you use a Windows computer or a Mac one, you can utilize it easily since it is a web-based tool.   

Using it is super easy. You don’t even consider downloading any software or program to start editing your videos. I have been using it on my computer to edit my travel videos, and the truth is that it is very easy and intuitive. In addition, you can also use different effects that you will find on their website to make the video even more professional.

Use a tripod

If you’re shooting still shots, use a tripod. I fully understand how lazy it is to carry a tripod when traveling, but the difference is very noticeable later in the videos.

If you decide not to use it, at least try to stabilize the image by resting your elbows on your body or on some surface that you find. It is important that a static plane is differentiated from a moving one.

Show the place differently

Don’t do it like we all do a selfie with the camera in hand and talking, innovate.

Ask the locals, get lost in the city to see what you find, record in the first person, create a story. Be different, don’t be afraid.

Record as you like

Do not try to imitate the styles of other YouTubers. Each one has its own. You just have to find it and perfect it; And if you do it with passion, the result is sure to be good.


These are seven tips you can have to improve your travel videos. Just remember them and practice,  practice and practice. That is how the teacher is born.

Have you already started making travel videos, or are you thinking of making them? Just do it! 

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