4 Essential Mapping Features On Your Fish Finder

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We may hear from our grandparents or read fairytale stories about the fisherman and their struggles to find fish in the long deep oceans. But, with the change in time, Fishermen are comforting their battle by using the new technology inventions in fishing.

Among all the technologies invented for catching more fish at once, the fish finder software chips have won the ground in this sector. At present, Lakemaster and Navionics are providing the most widely used maps in the market. By providing hydrographic maps with higher qualities and all the other good deals, navionics vs lakemaster is a hot topic in the fish finder market zone. 

Let’s have a look at 4 essential mapping features that you will get with lakemaster,

Depth highlight

Selecting and highlighting contours are the most significant thing that you can do with depth highlight in a subtle depth range. It helps you put your target in a more productive zone and ensure your stay in the strike area. Making your bait zone smaller and practical to meet your most successful baiting experience is the incredible benefit of depth highlight. The depth range calculating feature allows being more concentrated on fruitful depth ranges. To find out other prosperous areas from the map is works remarkably like a visual cue. So, don’t ever hesitate to choose this mapping feature if you want an enjoyable baiting experience.

Shallow water highlight

Shallow water highlight provides you with a very transparent visual by which you can see the shading on water areas that are not deep. In this map, you can adjust the range from zero to thirty feet. The most surprising thing is that you can see and get signal about underwater hazards through this map. You can save the lower part of your boat from crashing if the water is not so deep and save yourself from dangers through this signal. So, this map will provide you with safety with an excellent baiting experience in shallow water areas. If your target catches only shallow-water fishes, you have to concentrate only on the highlights having a red shadow. As it indicates, you target fishes. It can also identify a rocky area that can crash the down part of the boat. All of these things are very important to consider wherever you are out for baiting in a shallow water area.

Water level offset

To sync the altitude `contours with the present water altitude of your selected water reservoirs, choosing this lakemaster mapping feature will never be a loss. It can immediately identify if the water body has decreased than the usual level. Failure in identifying this change includes the possibility of experiencing a failed baiting, and most importantly, it can endanger your safe travel in the water. As it shows the most accurate range of water level, you can surely choose it for your safety purpose. Here you will get the adjustment option also. For example, if the water level on the pull you went for a baiting has an increased water level than the average time, let’s guess the water level is more 7ft higher than the average time previously recorded on the map. Here this map will allow you to adjust the water level 7ft plus or minus. Thus, you will get an accurate reading of all aspect of the pull.

AutoChart live

Have you ever wanted to custom your detailed map on any water body to use for your purposes? Then undoubtedly, AutoChart is the perfect choice for you. It allows you to custom maps with GPS coordinates. This is the only mapping feature that allows the anglers from different corners of the world to get detailed charts of their chosen water reservoirs. Through visualizing vegetation overlayers, it has gained an earned considerable fondness. By using this, you will surely give a very tough competition to your nearby fisherman who is not using this map. If you are a tech-savvy person and confident enough to create this alone at home, follow some easy steps in serial to make it. Charting, detailing, speeding, and data saving are the most manageable steps for making this map.

Final verdict

Proper use of these features will surely make you fall in love with lakemaster mapping features whether you are a professional angler or not. So, what are you waiting for? Make your baiting experience better with the most amazing lakemaster maps.

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