Top 7 Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Summer Vacation Packages as a Travel Business

summer vacation packages

This vacation season, you probably have a number or summer packages for people’s travel plans. This is an essential time for a travel business, and gives you the opportunity to get more customers than any other time of the year. Of course, you need to have a number of excellent summer vacation packages to some great destinations. From booking to transport and hotels, you should have everything tourists need. Once you have these packages planned out, you need to market them well. Here are a few ideas that will help you get the word out. 

Make appealing posters

You should make an attractive travel poster for each of your summer vacation packages. These posters should include some attractive pictures of the destination, and have all the relevant details regarding the itinerary, services, and your contact information. 

You can make these using the templates on PosterMyWall so that you just have to customize a few things here and there, rather than designing it from scratch. Put up printed posters on your premises and use the digital versions for your online marketing platforms. 

Create a user-friendly booking system

When you offer vacation packages, then you need to make it easy for people to avail them as well. So, make sure you have a user-friendly online booking system, complete with a functioning payment portal. This should also let your customers select the services and itineraries they want, with pricing adjusted accordingly. 

In addition, you should also include your contact details so that anyone who wants a customized plan can discuss it with your representatives. This will cover all your bases with booking, so that you’re seen as a top option in your industry. 

Utilize video marketing

With something like travel, video marketing can go a long way. Make short videos showcasing the destinations in your vacation packages, and share them on your online platforms. Include the places you have in your itinerary for each of the destinations. To enhance the visual appeal of your content, consider investing time to edit videos professionally, ensuring a polished and engaging presentation that captivates your audience and highlights the unique aspects of each destination.

Furthermore, you can even make fun videos to give people travel tips for their summer vacations. These can include packing tips, little language lessons, and videos about the special dishes in each destination. Make sure your videos are edited well, and work with each platform you’re using. 

Take all networking opportunities

As a travel business, networking is one of the most essential aspects for you. So, whether it’s a tourism conference or a simple online session, make sure your company participates to some extent. You can even have open days for customers to come in and talk to you about their vacation plans, and what package would work best for you. 

Apart from that, join any social media groups and travel business groups you can find. These will keep you updated with the industry, and also let you find an ample customer base. Make sure you’re responsive in these groups, so that people are aware of your presence and see you as an expert option for their travel plans. 

Use your social media platforms

Your social media platforms are the perfect place to market your summer vacation packages. So, make sure you share images, posters, and videos all across your social media pages. Instagram is particularly good for this purpose, as you can share teasers in reels, your packages in your stories and posts, and advertise your services using ads. In addition, people are more likely to stop at your posts when scrolling down their feeds if your images are appealing. So, Instagram is the right platform for this. 

This does not mean that other platforms are not worth exploring. Facebook travel groups are also a great resource for you to find customers. So, stay engaged with a post regularly on your social media platforms for the best results. 

Bring influencers on board

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways to spread your reach out to a wide audience. Get in touch with a few travel influencers and have them talk about the services you are offering and about the destinations you have in your inventory. 

Have these influencers share your page details, and entice their audience with special referral codes for a few add-ons like a meal at a famous restaurant in their relevant destination. Always look at the follower count of these influencers, and go through their feeds to see how people engage with their posts. 

Share testimonials

When people hear about how others have had a great experience with you, then they’ll be more likely to book your vacation packages. So, get your existing clients to talk about their pleasant experiences and share them on your marketing platforms. If you can get people to make video testimonials, that is the best medium. Otherwise, you can share text posts as well, as long as they’re presented in an appealing manner. 

In conclusion

You can market your summer vacation packages very effectively with these tips. Work on the marketing campaigns for these packages well in advance, so that you have everything ready before time.