The Memorial Day Flight Deals to Make the Day More Enjoyable

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Memorial Day is a federal holiday observed on the last Monday of May, to remember those who died fighting for their nation. Its other purpose is to give the working population a 3-day weekend as it indicates that the summer season has started in the country. In 2024 this day will be observed on the 27th of May. On this day most government offices remain closed and so do many private enterprises, as a mark of respect for those who defended the country and gave their life doing it. As this will be a long holiday, you may be looking for Memorial Day flight deals to get back to your hometown to spend some time with your family, if you live away from them. 

The history of this important day

Many cities in various states celebrated this day differently on different dates, in both North and South, before and after the Civil War. Finally, the leaders of the country decided to celebrate it nationally on one day, after over a century since the civil war ended, in 1971. Since then USA has been involved in many other wars including the 2 World Wars. One of the reasons for this day to be recognized was due to the number of soldiers who died fighting in the civil war and their burial. Initially, people would get together in cemeteries to remember their valor. As you will have a break of 3 days to spend, you will be glad to know that there are Memorial Day flights, which are basically offers for you from different airlines, in case you plan on going on a trip somewhere. 

Though meant to be sober it can be fun

In different parts of the country people and government celebrate the day differently. On this day the graves of soldiers are decorated, usually with flower wreaths, leading to its earlier name, the Decoration Day, particularly in the South of the country. Well-known figures gave speeches in favor of or against the wars, as their views were and still do. The flags are lowered for a few hours in the daytime in the government buildings. All across the country, at 3 pm people give a few minutes to the dead soldiers, thinking of their sacrifice for the nation. The Memorial Day travel deals are often announced well in advance and the number of passengers at airports around the country increases around this date.

Taking pride in representing the country

On this day some people attend church services, reading excerpts from the holy book.  The military parades are organized in some cities, some with officers in their uniforms and in others with their equipment or tools of their trade. A large number of people wear small poppies over their dresses as a means of remembering those who died saving the country. This practice is similar to that in the UK though it has been inspired by the poppy fields close to the graves of the American soldiers in Belgium. Airlines offer discounted air tickets during the Memorial Day weekend in order to honor fallen comrades.

The collective responsibility

There are military monuments in various cities where the mayor of the city or someone in a responsible position will lay the wreath. Some families who have or had members in the military, gather together to remember or honor those serving currently or those who have served. This can be an evening tea party or an afternoon barbecue. There are family flight deals for you if you want to travel to cities where these celebrations are organized on a grand scale every year, like in New York. This day is not to be confused with Veterans Day, which is organized as a show of respect for everyone serving in the military. The Memorial Day airfare sale is here to make you enjoy the day even more. 


Though this day is almost 6 months away, it has an impact on the mood of the nation. The airlines want to cheer you up with some discounts and you should take full advantage of these to complete those trips you have wanted to go on for some time.