Mini-Getaway Destinations to Book with OneTravel

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Have you been desperately wanting a mini-vacay or an extended trip after the pandemic years? Truth be told, we all have been! With the Holiday season approaching, we cannot fight the suppressed yearning for traveling. However, this year most of us have been bogged down in work, with no time to plan on trips or get into destination booking hassle.

Luckily, we have website and service offerors like OneTravel who take it upon themselves to find us flights, destinations as well as stay places. OneTravel reviews are mostly five-star rated due to their efficient processes and amiable customer services. The site also helps you sort other travel-related queries. Including passport and visa assistance.

The OneTravel discount code is valid on pre-booking as well as last booking flights and last-minute hotels. The accommodations are not compromised in any circumstances, making OneTravel a brilliant travel partner. The website is actively operating all around the globe and you can also make reservations from their App.

We know you don’t want to get into the time-sucking destination search. Which is why we’ve got you sorted out! Below is a list of top travel destinations that you can book through OneTravel and get a cyber sale discount on.

Las Vegas

You cannot be in the States and not plan a trip to the most fun city, Las Vegas. The city has so much to offer. We can enjoy copious activities in Vegas, as the city is among the top 20 best destination places. You can book your hotels at OneTravel along with other must-visit places that require pre-booking.

Either you can plan full-day tours and explore the city, or you could book the half-day ones. For extreme experiences, Vegas has the craziest adventurous parks. The Mojave Desert will give you a Sahara deserts vibe. Jeep Safari and Hummer’s with a complete safety guard set is recommended before you go digging in and riding on the sand.

From Machine gun experiences to extravagant sports car racing rounds, Vegas lets you unleash your wild, adventurous side. If you are into arts, then Treasure Island is a must-go. The acrobatics, aerial, and other immaculate displays of what human bodies are capable of are regularly exhibited. We love the fun and reckless freedom Las Vegas has to offer, and that makes this city our recommended mini-getaway!


Are you and your girl gang in search of a place that has multiple activities and a serene vibe to offer? Phoenix is the place you’ve been searching for! Not only can the Arizonian sun be witnessed in its glorifying golden hour but the Botanical gardens and other historical places have such lively, fresh air to offer.

There are a few things that are a must-do when in Phoenix. The hot air balloon experience being on top of the list. Since the experience is beyond famous, you can pre-book your trip time through OneTravel and reserve a slot. We suggest you select the sunset or sunrise time, as the picturesque view will leave you to spell bounded.

If you are in an explorative mode, the Arizona Desert will sate your urge well. After a long day of amusement, you can visit the Grand Canyon with your friends and just chill while enjoying the stunning location. While you’re in Phoenix, don’t forget to visit the Cheesecake Factory.


The beautiful city in Georgia is famous for a couple of things, the main attraction being the widespread Mercedes Benz stadium. For sports lovers and art fans, Atlanta stands second after Barcelona. The art-filled streets, offering contemporary and peculiar art pieces will leave you wanting to stay more. In the nighttime, locals display their art creations. Including, music and dance styles.

Usually, mini-getaway destinations, don’t offer many shopping places. However, that is not the case with Atlanta. The city is famous for its extensive collections ad massive ranges. Outlets of renowned fashion wear brands are based in Atlantic Station. The Station has brews from around the world and the finest dining options for us as well.

Sports lovers fall in love with Atlanta instantly. The city has produced top-notch players and remains among the top teams for soccer and basketball. You can visit the team stores and buy gifts for the team-fan in your acquaintance. From jerseys to sports goods, everything is available under Atlanta’s sky.

We love how mini-getaways can refresh us and provide us the much-needed breaks. Travel partners like OneTravel make it exceeding easy to plan out a trip, and we hope this article helps you book just the right destination!

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