3 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in France

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France, a symbol of refinement, creativity and civilization attracts many guests from all corners to navigate its ever-changing terrain in search of evolutionary treasures. Be it the picturesque cobblestone streets of Paris or the winemaking region, Bordeaux; France has a wide array of beautiful places for everyone. In this review, we disclose the best 3 places to see in France being sure that you’ll hardly ever forget about its beauty.

Dune Du Pilat: Europe’s Tallest Sand Dune

Lovers of nature would definitely relish the magnificent 360-degree views atop Dune du Pilat, which is Europe’s tallest sand dune. Situated in La Teste-de-Buch, a city within the Arc chon Bay region, it is also one of France’s most recognizable tourist destinations.

Each year, over one million visitors come up the more than 154 wooden steps to get on top and take a hike along the ridge of about two point seven kilometers. With the sparkling Atlantic Ocean on one side and deep greenery of pine forests across, it is a definitely worthwhile effort. The high dune indeed provides for the breathtaking natural scenery in Europe.

Dune du Pilat is also a leading paragliding and many other adrenaline sports destinations. Meanwhile, the five campsites located nearby make it a popular place among campers. However, if you want to cool down after conquering the steep hill, then Corniche Beach is an ideal spot for a quick dip. This is situated at the base of the dune and can be reached through an entry gateway.

Provence: Land Of Lavender

Each summer, an ocean of beautiful lavender fields turns the Provence into one of the most picturesque – and also odorous – destinations in France. As it is almost everywhere in the region this time, a heavenly-scented crop surface. That said, some of the most scenic spots to enjoy it include the Valensole Plateau, & the Luberon Valley. For the ultimate postcard shot, though, nothing beats the flower fields surrounding the Notre-Dame de Senanque Abbey.   

Located in the beautiful countryside which comes close to Gordes village, it’s a church of 12th century that is cloaked by purple every June and also July. Besides the local bees, these stunning lavender fields are carefully cultivated by the monks who inhabit an abbey. After all, holidaymakers can even sleep in their own homes and have a peaceful spiritual vacation. If you prefer to keep it to a day trip, however, the fields are open from 09 to1 pm during the summer; and also 07.00 on Sundays. But remember that the famous beauty of this place makes it very crowded at many such times. Therefore, make sure you arrive early and join the first tour of the day at 10: 30.

Mont Saint-Michel: The Real Rapunzel’s Tower

The villages of France are very beautiful. Nonetheless, few are more charming and also out of this world than the Mont Saint-Michel with its remarkable abbey. Sitting atop the rocky Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy and about 600 meters from shore, this dazzling medieval monastery resembles a scene straight out of an old children’s fairytale. This is further enchanted by the small, meandering streets and cute timbered outhouses that lead to it. Actually, the incredible location had such a powerful effect that it was where Rapunzel’s Tower and the Kingdom of Corona were set in Disney’s Tangled movie.

In the 8th century, it was a great Christian pilgrim spot of a majestic island village. Today, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that annually attracts over three million people. It obviously remains one of the most visited destinations in France, excluding Paris. However, the large ocean that lies around and the sandbank surrounding this Island certainly does make it seem a lot less welcoming.

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