More Delicate Appliances in a Move and How to Pack Them.

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Packing Television

You can already get an idea of how worrisome it can be that TV takes a hit. Today’s televisions are quite delicate, and a simple touch could cause a dead pixel to remain there until the end of its time.

Here are some tips for packing a TV:

Put it back in its original packaging, with the corks and plastics. This way you can move in the best conditions. If you don’t have the box, the best way to protect it during the move is to wrap it with a blanket and then with bubble wrap. Be very careful with cables, as you could trip over them and cause chaos. You can fasten them with a zip tie and unify them in a bag.

Pack Microwave

Following these tips for packing appliances, we also find the microwave. Your transportation can give us problems for 2 reasons:

For the glass plate: Obviously, you have to remove it. In the same way as the kitchenware, we recommend that you wrap it in bubble wrap or cloth to avoid breakage.

Cable: the cable could also give us a scare, so it would not hurt to collect it with a cable tie.

Pack Fridge

The refrigerator is one of the appliances that is going to give you the most problems when moving, more than anything because it is so large.

Start by emptying it and unplugging it a minimum of 48 hours before the move takes place. Take the opportunity to clean it.

Cover everything you can with bubble wrap – a good idea would be to try to recreate the conditions in which the refrigerator arrived. The refrigerator can be completely covered with blankets, to avoid any blow.

You must find a way to secure the doors so that they cannot be opened during the move.

Don’t make the mistake of plugging in the fridge as soon as you arrive at your new destination. The new models need a minimum of 6 hours for the internal liquids to stabilize and thus avoid damage.

Pack Dishwasher

In addition to emptying the water that it may have, we will have to remove any element of the dishes that may be inside. Some parts could move during the trip (such as the trays or the hose to evacuate the water). All of this can be fixed with painter’s tape.

To move the dishwasher from one side to the other without deteriorating, we can resort again to the trick of the blankets.

Packing washing machine

The washing machine also deserves a special section in this article about packing appliances. It is very heavy, so you should help yourself with a wheelbarrow to be able to move it easily.

Make sure you have not used it in the last 48 hours before moving in, as this will prevent any water spillage.

Collect any connections, such as cables or hoses, to prevent them from being loose and we can trip over them.

Packing other appliances

The packaging of the above appliances is the most complicated. The packaging of the smallest

(such as a blender, toaster, bread maker, kitchen robot), should not be much of a problem.

All you have to worry about is not putting them in a box that is too big; It is true that everything will fit in this way, but then lifting it could become an odyssey. Make sure to respect the relationship between volume and weight.Follow these tips on packing appliances and you will see that you will not have any problems during the move.

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