Explore Mumbai: A Full Day A trip to the town

mumbai trip

In Mumbai, the blossoming city of India there is this exciting metropolis, which is vivid with energy, culture, and history. The buzzing streets coexist with the landmarks that are literally marks of the dynamic scenery of this city. If you wish to dive into the very soul of Mumbai and explore its diverse nature, be it spending a long day in the city – going on a city tour is just what you need to experience the plethora of things this bustling city has to offer.

Gateway of India:

Make your first stop at the majestic Gateway of India, the monument which overshadows offers a memorable view of a full day Mumbai city tour of colonial history in the morning. Completed and opened in 1924, this building, with its architectural attraction, faces Arabian sea and constitutes one of the popular sites of activity in the city, appealed by locals and travellers alike.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (formerly known as Prince of Wales Museum)

Subsequently, unravel Mumbai’s cultural diversity through Mohammed Ali Road, and marvel at a visit to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya. This museum, located in the majestic Indo-Saracenic building, offers the visitors a chance to explore a wide range of different arts, artifacts, displays on India’s history, culture and traditional values. Balancing between magnificent statues and carefully-made fabrics, the museum from the side of its visitor will be more and more filled with emotions and knowledge.

Dhobi Ghat:

Talking about the sightseeing tour to Mumbai, a visit there would not be fulfilled if one could not view the way of the city’s everyday life. As Dhobi Ghat confidently opens the city to a unique understanding of its laundry counterpart. With its huge outdoor space acting as a gigantic launderette, this vibrant agglomeration of dhobis-washmen-dedicatedly hand-washing, drying up, and ironing out clothes using traditional methods taught to them over generations is a lively and bustling sight.

Marine Drive:

Take it easy and sail your vehicle along Marine Drive, aka The Queen’s Necklace, and swim in the warmly, beautiful and picturesque curve of this particular waterfront promenade. Palm grove and art deco buildings stretch along Marine Drive which presents breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea. This place is a perfect escape for locals who love to enjoy some rest time, jogging or basking in the evening sun as the sky transforms into a stunning pastel canvas.

Chowpatty Beach:

Subsequently, move along to Chowpatty Beach, a long coastline which gets notoriety for being on many people’s nightlife watchlists. Sample a flavor of the street food delights, from mouthwatering chaat to sweet kulfi, while you are roaming around and enjoying a buzzing atmosphere with the crowd of people who just simply walk on the shore.

Haji Ali Dargah:

Get a religious break from your daily hustle by spending some time at Haji Ali Dargah which is a centuries-old mosque and tomb built on a tiny islet in Wolli, away from the mainland. On the island shrouded in a mist and connected with the mainland by a narrow causeway, this sacred location is valued by pilgrims of different faiths who come here to leave their offerings of gratitude and humility in peaceful beauty.

Bollywood Studio Tour:

Let’s finish the day with a special Book Mumbai city tour package placing you in the shoes of the stars of Bollywood, which is the evident “heart” of the buzzing Indian movie world. Your studio tour to know the fun atmosphere behind screen, ranging from gigantic sets to dazling costumes and also maybe you can catch a daily routine of your celebrities who you look up to.


A full Day Mumbai city  tour portranges a fascinating trip through the core of the country’s economic engine, highlighting the variety of its glorious heritage, culture, and the times. Be it through the discovery of historical places, the enjoyment of local cuisines, or the enthusiasm of community living and its boundless energy, Book Online Mumbai city tour package  can never be enough the pleasure and inspiration that you gain. Hence, I beseech you to take that journey with an expectation that will surely transform you into a character of a book where every corner is another chapter longing to be put into words.