10 Must-Buy Clothing While Traveling To India

must buy clothing

India is a beautiful country to visit and had an amazing colorful culture throughout the country, if you are planning to visit India you had to keep some tips and tricks under your sleeves. India has extreme summer and harsh winter some places are lesser and in some places is more winter than ever. You can need the appropriate clothing to wear in India that’s why we brought you 10 must-buy clothing while traveling to India.

Must have clothes While traveling to India 

Indian traditions are a bit conservative but India is a progressive country too which is going to change very fast. Indian tradition and weather are hard to understand that’s why the right clothing is necessary to have. If you travel to India some basic Indian clothing must have to buy to blend in with the culture. India has very rich, vibrant, and full of colors and light if you don’t know what to pack we bring 10 must-buy clothing while traveling to India this will give you help with what to wear.

1.Printed Shirts 

Prints are one of the oldest cultures of India where artists made all the print work with their hand in ancient times but in modern time prints never loses their charms. Prints in the summer especially are all the hype some people carry prints in winter too. Plans to visit goa then printed shirt is best to wander in just got one Jaipuri block printed shirt now.


Kurta gives an Indian touch to your style and taste, kurta is a traditional outfit in Indian culture and is mostly worn in pujas, weddings, festivals, or on an auspicious days. According to the states you can see different ways to carry a kurta. In traveling if you had an invitation to a wedding or a festival coming up you have to include a kurta in your backpack. You can find stylish kurtas for men online on any website portal.


Planning to travel to India in hot summers then pack you short, it gets pretty hot in here around April, May, June, and July. You can wear denim shorts but if you don’t like denim then cotton and linen shorts are absolutely fine. You can pair it with t-shirts and shirts.

4.Co-ord Set 

Co-ord sets are best to get ready fast when you are literally no time to waste. We all know traveling can be hard, but harder is that to decide what goes with what to carry and how much to carry. To solve that problem co-ord set is a game-changer to that problem and it comes in printed, solid, tie-dye, and many more styles. A tie & dye cord-  set is best to buy and pair it with good sneakers.


Sneakers are best for roaming around on and it is comfortable to walk in. In India, there is hot weather and lots of crowd sneakers give you the extra comfort to walk in and protect your feet from dirt and dust. 


Sandals and flipflop are comfortable to wear when you Rome around the water body. In India, there are many beaches to go to. Some of the states in India had humid environments for that humid environment you can’t wear shoes all the time that’s why you need sandals, flips flop breathable footwear.

7.Black jeans 

Black jeans are a must to have it you can style them with many clothes like kurta, t-shirts, shirts. You have to have denim because it is long wear and it is comfortable to do all sorts of activities.

8.Tank tops 

Tank tops are best to wear in summer and in India temperature quickly rises up during the day to cool off tank tops are breathable and easy to manage.  You can experiment with different prints and different styles too there are lots to try.

9. Pants or Pajamas

Pants are a great friend when you have to visit India because India has heat and cold is everything. Pants and Pajamas almost cover all the weather except harsh winters.

10. Sweaters

Plan to visit the Himalayan range or wanted to go to Jammu Kashmir then you should pack heavy. Thermals and warm jackets and sweaters must check the weather before going it keeps you updated on what to pack and what not to. 

Wrapping up:

Are you packed all your belonging and are ready to go to India after reading 10 must-buy clothing while traveling to India. Don’t forget sunscreen you need it and happy journey. 
Meta: Plans to go to India but not familiar with challenges and don’t know what to pack worry not we bought you 10 must-buy clothing while traveling to India it will help you.