10 Must See Places To Visit In Dammam

visit in dammam

Dammam should be visited during the Umrah because there are many places to visit in the city which offers many spiritual and entertainment options for the international travellers. While booking the Umrah Packages from CheapUmrahPackages UK, you should inform the Umrah travel consultant to include the tourist VISA instead of Umrah. Because on the Umrah VISA you can only perform the Ziarats in the Mecca and Madinah. If you have booked the tourist VISA, then you can visit the other cities of Saudi Arabia as well.

While planning for the Umrah you should consider the other cities of Saudi Arabia which are nearer to the Beach or near the Airport. Because those cities can be visited with ease and access. Through this article we will try to explain about the places which you should visit after or before performing the Umrah pilgrimage. The city of Damam is considered as the sixth populous cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Most of the land around the city is arid desert.

But still there are many places to visit in the Dammam and Umrah journey gives you a chance to visit them with ease and access. If you are booking a 7 Nights 5 Star Umrah Package from CheapUmrahPackages, then you can customize that package and include some additional nights in the Dammam. Here are some of the places which you should visit after or before performing the Umrah.

Al Felwah and Al Jowharah Museum:

Muslim Pilgrims who want to know about the culture of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Must visit Al Jowharah Museum. The Museum exhibits many Islamic Heritage like it includes the about five hundred years old copies of Holy Quran. Apart from this it also includes many things which have deeply connection with the history. It is located in the Al Nuzha area of the Dammam and it only opens on the Mondays for the public who want to visit. Pilgrims must choose Monday to visit the Al Felwah and Al Jowharah Museum. Fee for the entrance in the museum is Fifty Saudi Riyals.

King Fahd Park:

King Fahad Park is one of the famous parks in the KSA which is offering the travellers to see many unique species of plants and trees. Heart Captivating flowers are grown here to add the beauty of park. It is one of the park which is spread over hectors of Land. If you booked a family package you can spend a quality time with your family members. Park also owns a lake with several seating areas on the bank of lake. It also have concrete canopies for the travellers to take rest and save themselves from the penetrating sunlight. You can find this park in the Al Basatin area of Dammam.

Heritage Village Restaurant and Museum:

Pilgrims who want to get deeper knowledge about the cultural heritage of Saudi Arabia must visit the Heritage Village in the Ash Shati Al Gharbi region of the Dammam. It is a cultural village with a restaurant with traditional Saudi dishes. Many things in the village depicts the past civilization of the Kingdom. Heritage village is open for the Public round the clock.

Marjan/Murjan Island:

One of the exception landscape located in the Al-Hamraa region of the Dammam. It is an artificial island but one of the most beautiful islands in the world. The road from the city which is landing on this island is surrounded by the water from two sides. Most of the tourists visiting this island, choose a ferry to reach this island. One of the best place for the picnic and kids enjoy the most in this place because it offers many fun points for the children. Fishing, Zoo trips, and boat trips are one of the remarkable activities which are performed by most of UK pilgrims.

Cobra Entertainment City:

Travellers which are travelling with the family and kids must visit the Cobra Entertainment City in Dammam. You can even spend a full day here with your kids to enjoy on fun coaster rides especially on the theme coaster named Cobra. Cost for a ride on the Cobra coaster is 20 Saudi Riyals per person.

Adventure World:

Adventure Word is another theme park which offers many fun activities for the children who have performed with the Umrah. It is an indoor park in the Dammam which is also best for the travellers who are stuck in some of the personal and business issues. Here they feel relax and enjoy the adrenaline rush in the park.

Tick Tock Escape Rooms:

One of the best place for the global travellers which is offering them to discover the hidden Sherlocks. In this park captivators are given the sixty minutes to solve the given puzzle and escape out of the puzzle. The price for visiting this place is about 125 to 165 Saudi Riyals. You can find this puzzle place in the Al Jawharah region of the world. Many tick tockers visit here to make the short videos and got viral.

Al Othaim Mall:

If you are looking forward a place for shopping then there is not best place other than Al Othaim Mall. From here, you can purchase the gifts for your beloved ones and family members. Many international brands are sold here at the reasonable price. It also offers the entertainment sites like Saffori Land Park which is especially liked by the children. Food court of the Al Othaim Mall offers the delicious food for the global travellers as well as coffees of its food court is known round the world.

Water Island

Water Island is one of the best place for the travellers who are travelling with the kids. Many fun water rides are liked by the local and global children. Travellers keep them busy in the water rides of a theme park. The Park is opened for the public from Sunday in the timings from 4’O clock in the evening to the 9:30 in the evening.

Mahara Carting Park:

Another exception park for the adventure enthusiasts in the Go-kart track in Dammam offering karting experience for the travellers of UK. Tracks of this park are safe for the race. Price for 10 Laps in the Park is 83 Saudi Riyals. Professional staff of the park helps the travellers in the Karting. The Park is open for the public from Monday to Sunday within the time from 5 PM – 12 AM.