Ring in 2024 with a Bang: Spend Your New Year’s Eve in Tokyo

We’re already in December, and another year is coming to a close. A farewell to 2023 is looming for all, and the anticipation of ushering in a new one is palpable. Tokyo, a dynamic city that accentuates your celebration, is the best place to spend New Year’s Eve. As the New Year approaches, Tokyo becomes a flurry of lights and celebrations.  The city celebrates the New Year in a unique blend of tradition and modernity, an unforgettable experience for residents and tourists. Book your cheap air tickets to Tokyo to experience a captivating New Year’s celebration.

Tokyo’s New Year’s Eve Traditions

New Year’s Eve in Tokyo has a long tradition infused with rich traditions. Shinto rituals are performed at various shrines throughout the city, adding spiritual significance to the celebration. Joya no Kane, a 108-bell ringing ceremony symbolizing the purification of worldly desires, is one of the highlights of the festival. Be there and participate fully in these traditional celebrations and activities:

  • Joyful Cleaning: Oosouji

Every Japanese household performs a thorough cleaning before midnight known as Oosouji, which ensures a fresh start while also symbolizing the purification of the living space from the previous year’s problems.

  • New Year’s Eve: Soba Noodles and Countdown TV Shows

Toshikoshi Soba, a type of noodle dish, is a common New Year’s Eve tradition. The long noodles symbolize longevity and are a delicious way to end the old year. In addition to watching popular countdown shows, families often gather around the television to create an atmosphere of festive celebration.

  • Joya no Kane: The 108 Tolling Bells

Temple bells ring 108 times at midnight, representing the 108 earthly desires and sins in Buddhist belief. The distinctive sound of the bells fills the air as the clock nears midnight. Joya no Kane is a powerful and spiritual ritual used to welcome the New Year in Japan.

  • Hatsumode: The First Shrine Visit

During the first visit to a Shinto shrine or Buddhist temple in the New Year, people pray for health, happiness, and success in the upcoming year, making offerings and purchasing omamori (charms) to protect themselves.

Top Places to Witness Spectacular Fireworks

Tokyo is known for its vibrant energy, which will make a powerful impression on you during your stay in the city. Here, they take New Year’s Eve celebrations to a whole other level with stunning fireworks displays. As the clock ticks down to midnight, Tokyo’s skyline transforms into a colorful canvas. These are the best places to watch the spectacular fireworks in Tokyo and have an unforgettable New Year’s Eve:

  • Tokyo Bay Countdown Fireworks

Location: Odaiba, Tokyo

Begin your list with the iconic Tokyo Bay Countdown Fireworks. Set against the backdrop of Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower, this spectacular display is a symphony of lights.

  • Sumida River Fireworks Festival

Location: Sumida Ward, Tokyo

It is one of Tokyo’s largest and most popular fireworks festivals. The colorful explosions above the Sumida River create a stunning scene, and riverside spots provide a superb view of the event. It is becoming increasingly popular for its New Year’s edition.

  • Tokyo Skytree Sumida Aquarium Countdown

Location: Sumida Ward, Tokyo

You can have a unique experience by visiting Tokyo Skytree Sumida Aquarium Countdown. This event is a mesmerizing blend of natural and manmade beauty.

  • Asakusa Kaminarimon Street Party

Location: Asakusa, Tokyo

It is a lively celebration that features both traditional performances and fireworks displays. The historic Kaminarimon Gate provides a picturesque backdrop for welcoming the New Year.

Family-Friendly Activities for New Year’s Eve

There is nothing more satisfying than spending quality time with your family. Unfortunately, in today’s hectic world, it is difficult to be with your family most of the time. Therefore, we are looking forward to the holiday season. If you are planning to celebrate the New Year with your family in Tokyo, you should book a family flight deal and visit these famous New Year’s events that will enhance your family’s holiday experience:

  • Tokyo Disneyland Countdown Party

Location: Urayasu, Chiba (near Tokyo)

The Tokyo Disneyland Countdown Party is a spectacular way to begin the New Year. The theme park features spectacular fireworks, beloved Disney characters, and a festive atmosphere as part of its Countdown Party. Everyone is sure to be left with smiles and cherished memories as they take part in this family-friendly celebration.

  • Asakusa Kaminarimon Street Party

Location: Asakusa, Tokyo

The Kaminarimon Street Party brings Asakusa to life, perfectly offering both tradition and excitement. Families can enjoy traditional performances, street food, and a vibrant fireworks display. The historic setting adds a cultural touch to the festivities, making it an ideal venue for families.

  • Zojoji Temple Family Celebrations

Location: Minato, Tokyo

Family-friendly celebrations for New Year’s Eve are held at Zoojoji Temple near Tokyo Tower. In addition to providing a serene environment for families, the temple grounds offer cultural performances, traditional rituals, and fireworks to mark the start of the year.

  • Tokyo Dome City Winter Illuminations

Location: Bunkyo, Tokyo

Enjoy the magic of winter illuminations at Tokyo Dome City. Among the attractions are an amusement park, shops, and restaurants. The dazzling lights provide a festive backdrop for your New Year’s Eve celebrations.


On New Year’s Eve, Tokyo transforms into an unforgettable display of lights, sounds, and traditions. A journey into the heart of Japan’s rich cultural tapestry is represented by the celebration of traditional Japanese New Year’s customs. During the New Year, take advantage of Tokyo’s family-friendly activities to strengthen your family bond and start the New Year 2024 on a positive note.