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New York The big apple, immortalized in television and movies as the great “American dream”, the city that people across the world yearn to live in, is a booming metropolis, with high energy and a fast-paced lifestyle. New York has an endless array of things to see and do at any time of the day and year. It is a city of stunning skyscrapers, high fashion, a lively entertainment scene, an eclectic mix of cultures, wild nightlife, trendy foods, and vibrant music. It also has over 400 colleges and universities with a large and diverse student population. 

New York is one of the most popular destinations in the world and is so big and diverse that you could live here for multiple lifetimes and still would not have experienced all that the city has to offer. It is also known for being super pricey, but if you know where to look, it doesn’t have to be, which is where we come in. There are a ton of options for student accommodation New York, but we want to help you cut down the impossibly long list by giving you the best ones that cost less than $1000/month. 

The Newkirk House

Located just a few blocks away from Brooklyn College and a 7-minutes’ walk from Central Park, The Newkirk House is an apartment-style student accommodation spread over three floors. Every room at this modern residence is tastefully furnished and comes with a soft double bed that will put you dead asleep, a side table complete with a lamp, a study table and plenty of storage space for your belongings. 


It has a sleek and luxe aesthetic, but the price is super affordable, especially considering New York rates. The living room has a huge comfy sofa, perfect for when you want to have some friends over for a party or to hang. All utility bills are included in the rent, and the housekeeping facility will keep the place tip-top. 

The Central Park Manhattan House 

Smack in the middle of 350 Manhattan Ave, a place always buzzing with students, less than just a 7-minutes’ walk from Central Park, this student housing allows you to make the most of your university life. There are plenty of bars, pubs, clubs, and restaurants within walking distance, where you can chill out with friends. 


The Central Park Manhattan House is a 4-minutes’ drive from Columbia University and you can commute to any destination in the city with absolute ease, with the 116th Street stop on the A, B and C subway trains right around the corner. The rooms are rustic, simple, and airy with light streaming in from the windows and are kitted with high-quality furniture. 

The East Bushwick House

You can find this cosy abode on the east side of the Bushwick neighbourhood, offer students a place to live in New York, where they can feel at home. The rooms at this housing come with designer yet homely interiors, tasteful furniture, a high-quality kitchen and a living room. And, your social calendar will always be full, with so many restaurants, bars, coffee shops, pizza/taco joints to explore nearby.


Plus, you get to any nook and cranny in the city completely hassle-free, as this residence is just a 5-minutes’ walk away from the Wilson Avenue stop on the L train and a 15-minutes’ walk from the Halsey Street stop on the J, M and Z trains. 

The Stuyvesant Heights House

Located in the historic Stuyvesant Heights neighbourhood, The Stuyvesant Heights House is a gorgeous student housing consisting of eight units spread across four floors and designed with the stunning Brooklyn architectural style – high ceilings, large windows and exposed brick. The closest bus stop is just a 3-minutes’ walk away, and The Gates Avenue subway station takes less than 15-minutes to reach on foot. So, commuting to the campus and back is easy as a pie.


The kitchen is fully fitted with top-notch modern appliances, but if are not in the cooking mood, there is no need to fuss. You can head out and choose from the plethora of restaurants nearby serving uh-mazing food. As a matter of fact, there are a bunch of bars, cafes, and coffee shops present within walking distance of the residence!

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