Nun Peak climbing expedition


Climbing to a mountain summit perched atop an altitude where there is hardly any human existence has been a dream for many mountaineers, but has always been a distant wish for ordinary people who more or so believe in casual travel and tourism. However, now, the ordinary person also dares to dream about climbing such difficult peaks and let them be mesmerized by reality rather than by the pictures of other people’s climb.

Since the reality of Covid has struck us, the option of trekking to a great Himalayan Mountain seems to have been considered a more plausible idea than the usual traveling to the city of crowd. There are many great expeditions secretly kept hidden in the arms of the Himalayas for centuries, be it – summer expedition or winter trekking trail. Some of the famous summer expedition accounts toward – Mount Friendship, Mount Kang Yatse II, Mount Shivling, Mount Nun, Mount Kun, etc. But here we would talk about the Nun Peak climbing expedition.

About Nun Peak

Nun Peak, which together with its twin peak – Kun has largely been regarded as the most beautiful and spellbinding experience located near the upper Suru Valley region of Ladakh. The flat-topped conical peak stands at a towering altitude of 7,135 m above sea level and has been a dream journey for millions of aspiring mountaineers. But it is really necessary to make you aware that this is not your regular trekking journey rather a very difficult expedition that requires some prior physical training and technical mountaineering knowledge before thinking of traversing it.

A general advisory also distributed among the travelers who wish to explore this journey that it is necessary to traverse this expedition via a reputed travel company. Because the expedition requires deep knowledge about the area and many travel companies have been successfully carrying out this expedition with ease. The trek can be completed under 20-21 days of the itinerary when merged with a sufficient level of camping rest during this journey.

Best Time to do Nun Peak Expedition

Since the expedition to Nun peak is a very difficult as well as a dangerous one, it is advisable to climb down this massive mountain during summer seasons like from April to July. As we all know, the Leh Ladakh region receives the highest snowfall during winters and cannot be travelled as per unlikely acclimatize situation so, hardly any expedition journey can be made during winter here.

So, the best time to go for the Nun Peak adventure is from April to July under the surveillance of a knowledgeable trek leader.

How to reach

The last motorable region for the Nun Peak expedition is Tangol but the package is generally booked from Leh. There are many options available to reach Leh like –

By Air

The nearest airport for the Nun peak expedition is Leh which is about 287km away from Tangol, the last motorable region for this expedition. After reaching Leh, you can book the Nun Peak expedition package or can just hire a cab to drop you at Tangol.

By Train

As there is no train station in or around Leh Ladakh, but if you are so adamant about taking a train journey to this expedition then, you can book a ticket for Jammu Tawi. Jammu Tawi is about 700 km away from Leh and yeah, a lot of hassle and traveling that you could tire before even starting the climbing journey.

By Land

There are two land routes to Leh – either take the Manali route or Srinagar. Leh is about 494km away from Manali and 434km away from Srinagar. You can take either a bus or train to reach Manali or Srinagar and from there, you can hop on a bus to Leh.

Things to Carry

  • Durable good-quality trekking shoes
  • Camping shoes for crossing stream
  • Heavy fleece clothes
  • Winter jacket and waterproof coat
  • Trekking pants
  • Thermal innerwear
  • Thick woolen socks, caps, gloves, etc.
  • Covers to store used/wet clothes
  • Rain cover for the bag, Raincoat
  • Torch, Whistle, Sunglasses, Water Bottle, Trekking Pole
  • Sunscreen Lotion and other toiletries
  • First-aid Kit
  • Any personal medication.
  • Swiss Knife
  • All the necessary trekking essentials like crampons, gaiters, others as advised by your travel company

Nun Peak Tips and Tricks

  • Since it is a moderate to difficult level of trekking journey so, be sure to start physical training at least 15 days before the expedition.
  • You must triple your water intake before this journey so as to avoid dehydration situation.
  • Try to match your walking rhythm with the rest of the group or else you may feel the rush of premature fatigue even before starting the actual trekking.
  • In case, you are carrying a camera then, be sure to take all the necessary supplies for it because once you start walking, you will enter into an area of no connectivity.
  • Always choose a size larger than your shoe size for any trekking journey because when you start the expedition, you may face different walking challenges. So, to avoid getting sore feet and blisters, always choose a larger shoe size than yours.
  • Be as curious as you can about the relevant information about this expedition because once you settle everything with your mind then, the journey itself becomes easy.

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