Uber Clone – Grow Bigger Integrating New Version Features In Your On-demand Taxi Booking App

Uber Clone

Uber is the most remarkable taxi app to date. You want to launch a next-gen app then Uber Clone App you should be developing. To adapt Uber Model it is vital to know that about the app development process and the features to customize the technology stack and more. It is important to know what goes into making a successful on-demand taxi booking software like Uber.

If you have the business insights and looking to develop something of your own like on-demand taxi booking software. Congratulations – it’s a good decision. You do have a vision but, it requires technical help to execute your Uber Clone App idea.  And that’s when having an ace app development firm steps in.

Hiring the best app development company can provide you with a scalable app product that has rich features and state-of-the-art technology as well as timely upgrades and much more. But, to make it different and unique from others it will need thorough research.

Based on the latest trends and customer’s expectations, create your Uber Clone App business model. 

  • Choose the business model based on your demographic that defines your audience. Categorize them based on their needs, spending capacity, age group, etc. then frame your further strategies.
  • Highlight your unique selling point by asking questions like – what kind of app can be built? What kind of features it should have to make it exclusive? How much trip fare should be? What will make your Uber Clone App hit?  
  • Determine the working mechanism and OS platforms for your app. Whether you are going to deploy on a particular OS or both. By having the right judgment you can scale up your app in a short time.
  • Reach out to the experienced and capable app development company to get your app project launch in the Play Store/App Store.
  • Once you have launched the app, keep updating regularly. Integrate new features that keep your app engaging. 
  • Get the feedback and work on the negative remarks to enhance the services and app performance.

Get Your Customized Uber Clone App Script

Like we have witnessed that the demand for new taxi-app services has increased. The people are fearing to travel in public transportation during this pandemic outbreak. Thus more and more cabs are booked, boosting taxi booking business amidst COVID19. The advantages of developing a customized Taxi booking App are endless. By incorporating new version features can surely guarantees you success in a short while.

Restricted passenger limit

The driver can limit the passenger intake keeping in mind the government policies and regulation regarding COVID19. Thus, social distancing is also maintained.

Face mask verification

The driver has to upload the selfie into the app verifying that they are wearing mask, following the safety protocols

Safety checklist

The safety checklist is displayed before every cab booking, ensuring that both driver and rider are adhering to the norms

Safety reviews and ratings

Once the trip ends, the app will ask about overall trip and safety ratings from the rider. This way it helps improve the service, ensuring passenger safety.

OTP confirmation to start with the ride

The driver will ask for the OTP confirmation code from the user to start the trip.

Manually apply toll costs

Not all countries have toll costs applicable and for some it does. In such cases, the driver can add the toll cost manually to the invoice when the trip ends.

Taxi fare calculation – 2 models

The appreneur can choose either of the following models

  • The rider pays as per the estimated fare
  • The fare is calculated based on the road traveled

In Conclusion

Now that majority of the confusion and queries have been resolved, you are all set to launch your taxi business with Uber Clone App.  Consider following things when you are preparing the roadmap of your Uber Taxi Clone App

  • Build Uber Taxi MVP model 
  • Determine the new version features that your app needs.
  • The demographics that define your target audience that your app needs to focus on.
  • Hire a reputable app development company to build your app. 
  • Always work on your customer’s feedback and reviews that help you to make continued development making your app successful 

Uber is already a successful business model. Taking inspiration and cloning it in your version is important. There is a need for innovation to be successful in the on-demand taxi business industry. Integrate unique features and functionalities that enhance their ride-booking and travel experience. 

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