6 Outdoor Activities to Do When Traveling Through the US

traveling outdoor activities

The United States is a nation home to numerous tourist destinations. The US is located in North America and has a great reputation as a country with a good culture with people who are friendly to tourists. 

The most popular tourist attraction in the US is the Grand Canyon. The elegant piece of art carved out by the Colorado River cuts far into the landscape, creating great cliff walls and ledges. The US attracts numerous tourists annually and as a tourist you can engage in various outdoor activities like Canyoneering, overnight caving, and many more. 

The cities tourists visit the most are New York City, Los Angeles, Orlando, Las Vegas, and Chicago. This article talks about the various outdoor activities you can engage in when traveling through the US.

1. Base Jumping

The Perrine Bridge, the ideal spot from where you can jump, stands approximately 486 feet above the Canyon. There are quite many jumpers who put on a spectacle at the place. Most jumps take place on the bridge’s east side, but some also jump from the west. Watch out for the dark west side to prevent an accident when taking a view.

You can take part in the spectacular exercise but if you don`t like thrillers, you can stand on either side of the canyon and have the epic jumps. Tandem BASE jumping is open for everyone who wants to have the jumping experience. However, you don`t require any experience to participate in the exercise. There are a handful of experts ready to take you through the process.

2. Horse Riding

If you are a fan of horse riding, then visiting Yellowstone National Park for the experience is worth your time. Horseback Riding near Yellowstone is an undertaking worth your money since there are numerous options to choose from. For instance, you can take guided trips by private, licensed outfitters authorized to operate in the park. You can experience both day and night trips with them.

You can also choose to have a private trip around Yellowstone National Park and bring with you a well-trained stock that has taken a Coggins test. There is also the policy of a day ride where if you are a group, one rider should acquire a riding permit; The riding experience is not limited.

3. Water Rappelling

Rappel Ripley Falls in the US is one epic destination for a water rappelling experience. The waterfall is among Hampshire`s elegant waterfalls and is 100+ feet. While rappelling, you also enjoy a great view of the White Mountains.

You enjoy a short hike into the falls before scrambling to the top and rappelling back down. During the process, you can sit out any rappels that you find uncomfortable and walk down some. It’s an amazing experience with minimum risk.

4. Canyoneering

Canyoneering is an experience that integrates rappelling, route finding, problem-solving, hiking, and even swimming. You can have an epic experience of the activity in Zion National Park. The park is reliable, especially if you have no canyoneering experience, as it offers trip opportunities for beginners with advanced technical skills.

You will require a wilderness permit for all canyoneering trips. Canyoneering is a dangerous activity that makes you susceptible to various accidents; you are responsible for your safety.

5. Heli-Skiing

Heli-skiing is an epic outdoor activity that is magnificent to experience. Heli skiing in the USA is different from Heli skiing in Canada. All heli-ski operations offer single-day trips rather than multi-day trips.

The activity is sensitive. Thus, some companies use snowcats as a backup when the helicopter fails to fly due to weather constraints. However, heli-skiing terrain in Alaska differs from that in the continental USA. The tree line is low in Alaska, unlike other areas that give you a tree skiing opportunity.

Closing Thought

Finally, the USA is a great tourist destination nation and the revenues it receives annually depicts the picture. Many tourists are interested in traveling to the USA, and agencies have ranked it as the country where tourists spend a lot of money. Apart from the above activities, there are other enticing activities like flying an aerobatic plane, climbing El Capitan, and overnight caving that you can engage in in the US.