7 Epic Party Planning Ideas for Your Airplane Enthusiast

airplane enthusiast party

Perhaps, Lenny Kravitz sang it best, and for those who are hooked on everything aviation, there are so many cool things that symbolize the need for sky-high adventure. Shopping experts are sharing some favorite party planning ideas for the airplane enthusiast in your life. Strap yourself in, and let’s fly away!

1. Visit an Air Museum

Your favorite pilot or airplane devotee would enjoy taking off for the Palm Springs Air Museum, which hosts an incredible display of aircraft from World War Two, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the Global War on Terror. You can even take the warbird ride of a lifetime on one of the museum’s authentically restored WWII aircraft.

The living history museum also features more than 75 vintage airframes from the Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk. There’s much to explore at this wonderful California location, and it’s open seven days a week, and you can even book a private event there.

2. Shop for Aviation Gifts

It doesn’t matter what part of the aviation community your special friend is in, but what’s important is getting your hands on the kind of merchandise available that will knock their socks off. Your airplane enthusiast deserves a unique gift, especially if you’re planning a birthday or anniversary kind of party event.

It’s time to wow them with stuff from the pilot shop, which carries everything an airplane aficionado would truly enjoy receiving. From aviation shirts and apparel to bags and luggage tags to aircraft models to aviation home decor on glassware, cutting boards, and more, these gifts are one-of-a-kind and also make great items to have at aviation-themed parties.

3. Rent an Airplane Hangar

Your party will be unforgettable, especially when the location is holding the event inside an airplane hangar. That’s right; you can rent a hangar in many cities and have tons of space for an entire band and stage, plenty of tables and chairs, food trucks, etc.

Even renting half a hangar gives you ample space for an epic party, and maybe you can plan an amazing photoshoot for your guests with a handsome backdrop of helicopters and planes.

It’s called thinking outside the box, and airplane devotees would be blown away for sure.

4. Consider a GPS Smartwatch

Here’s another cool idea when it comes to party planning for the airplane enthusiast. No matter where you hold the event or how many guests are attending, you’re going to need to find an item that can always get the pilot where they need to be.

A Garmin D2 Air GPS Smartwatch for aviators provides tools for preflight, in-flight and post-flight activities around town. You can get airport weather for preflight awareness, navigate direct-to nearby airports, and see airport runway information and more.

5. Celebrate with Aerial Advertising

To give your party some extra punch and pizazz, consider aerial advertising to recognize your airplane devotee.

Aerial billboards can fly your personal message and thrill your guests below. It sure gets the word out, and it’s an impressive way to mark a special occasion.

6. Go “Top Gun” Party Theme

This iconic, billion-dollar movie starring Tom Cruise is a classic and aviator’s favorite. If you’re throwing a party for the pilot in mind, then, why not choose some Top Gun decor?

You can find Top Gun party stuff on Amazon, including high-quality and colorful, movie photo backdrops that will enhance any birthday party location you choose. They come in up to 9’x6′ backdrops and are ready to hang.

7. Take a Helicopter Night Flight

An epic party doesn’t always have to mean tons of guests. In fact, the perfect soiree may be an intimate affair, and if you want to make it super romantic, then, make reservations for a helicopter night flight.

Surprise your aviation honey with a dreamy nighttime adventure, and cruise over your city for a dazzling, memorable experience. Make sure to book in advance.


Aviation enthusiasts are exciting people who understand the thrill of adventure. Use this list of ideas for planning your next party, and get ready to soar!