Pawna Lake Camping

Pawna Lake Camping


Pawna Lake Camping is one of the most surreal locations in Maharashtra, close to Mumbai and Pune. Its exact location is near Lonavala, another well-known rubbernecking destination in Maharashtra. India. This is a one-night, two-day package that includes one night of camping near Pawna Lake. The journey to this camp will begin in the morning. The Pavana Lake camp is 60 kilometres from Pune and 120 kilometres from Mumbai. The camp is located near Pawna Dam, which adds to its beauty. There are over 400 species of catcalls that visit this lake, so catcall watching will be a delightful experience at Pawna Lake Camping. According to geographical conditions, Pawna Lake is located in the Western Ghats, so it is close to Pawna (Pavana) Lake. There are hotspots for exploring green and fauna. The beautiful Pawna Lake campsite is set in a lush green landscape along the banks of Pawna Lake, surrounded by misty valleys of the Western Ghats. The presence of various tourist attractions such as Lohagad Fort, Tikona Fort, Tung Fort, and Visapur Fort enhances the setting at Pawna Lake. The tranquil view and lush green landscape make this a lovely weekend destination near Lonavala and Khandala.


• High-quality tents

• Couples can camp in peace and safety.

• Sections for Couple, Family, and Group.

• The campsite has free parking.

• Snacks in the Evening (Hot Pakora + Hot Tea)

• Sports (cricket, football, volleyball, darts, archery, badminton, carrom)

• Unlimited dinner (vegetarian/non-vegetarian).

• A music system.

• A toasty campfire.

• Second-day breakfast.

• First-aid kit.

• Helpful staff.

• There are two common Western toilets available at the campsite.

• From the comfort of your well-equipped tents, observe the mystical valleys of the Western                                                                                                                                                                            Ghats. 

  • Engage in a live acoustic performance and a DJ night with your crew, where you can listen to some of your favourite songs.
  •  Celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve with your friends at Pawna’s most popular camping site.
  • Have a great time camping among the lush greenery and mountains on the banks of Pawna  Lake.
  • Enjoy some tasty barbeque snacks while sitting around the campfire in the evening.

Pawna Lake is having a celebration:

To make your camping experience memorable, we also provide separate sections for camping, bonfire, birthday, and anniversary celebrations. On Pawna Lake Camping, you can witness one of the most beautiful sunsets. You will be able to enjoy this view, click on footage, and bring back wonderful memories from our camping location.

Pawna lake camping facilities food couples:

·        Best Places for Married and Unmarried Couples.

·        All Meals And BBQ.

·        Music And Campfire.

·        Tent Stay.

·        Best Attractive Selfie Points.

·        Night Live Music.

·        Boating And Rain Dance.

·        Affordable Pricing

Why Should You Go Camping?

If you’ve never had the pleasure of going on a camping trip, now is the time to get away from the busy street, busy schedule, and stress and reconnect with nature on a camping trip. You can spend time outside with more than one person in pursuit of activities that will provide them with complete enjoyment. This Pawna tents camping experience is one-of-a-kind, and nature has many wonderful things to offer you.

Another reason to come here is to get closer to nature, reduce stress, learn something new and useful, the food will definitely taste better outside, and the best part is that camping is inexpensive.

Pawna Lake Camping provides comfort and convenience to all guests seeking the best camping experience, adventures, and relaxation. If you are tired of spending weekends at home and want to try something new, all you have to do is join Pawna Lake Camping Pune to fill your weekend with joy, adventure, and pleasure.

Things to bring:

• A torch light.

• Personal medications.

• Additional clothing or towels.

• Proper Footwear.

• Wear warm clothing.

• An extra blanket in the winter.

•Carry an umbrella during the rainy season.

Evening snacks include:

tea with hot pakora.

Tea with Poha for breakfast.

Paneer BBQ (Veg BBQ).

Chicken BBQ (non-vegetarian BBQ).

Dinner for One: Panner masala, Dal tadka, Chapati, Rice, and Sweet.

Non-vegetarian options include chicken gravy, chicken soup, chapati, and rice.

Tips and restriction:

1. Do not misbehave with other campers.

2. Swimming in the lake is strictly forbidden.

3. Once the tent has been set up, it cannot be moved.

4. Do not vandalise any private property at Pawna Lake Camping Area.

5. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the tent and in public, as it is offensive to other people.

6. Do not bring valuable items such as jewellery or other valuables.

7. We do not guarantee bonfires and outdoor activities during the rainy season.