The Penny Pincher’s Guide for Scoring Flight Tickets Under $100

scoring flight tickets

Traveling is more fun if it comes under your budget. Air ticket price is the most major expense of your traveling, so to make a trip under budget you need to tackle the first and most important factor of scoring a cheap air ticket. Isn’t it good if you could get a oferta de vuelo por menos de $100 or less? So let’s get deep into how you can make it a reality. 

Stick to The Golden Rule of Flexibility

When it comes to scoring a cheaper air ticket there’s one golden rule always be flexible with your travel schedule. Airlines decide their air ticket prices based on a complex algorithm that considers many factors like demand and travel days, etc and by being flexible with your travel schedule you can easily outsmart their systems and find a cheaper air ticket. 

Be Open to Off-Season Travel

When traveling just to have fun and chill be open to all destinations without being biased towards popular ones. Because traveling to popular destinations during the off-season is more economical than during the peak travel seasons. During the off-season, you can get everything at reduced prices, including flight tickets, accommodation, food, and even activities.

Holding Red-Eye Flights

Usually, airlines offer more discounts during non-peak travel periods. When looking for a cheaper flight deal, opt for Red-eye flights, which depart late at night or very early in the morning. As it is said, to gain something, one must lose something, and this holds for red-eye flights too as you are forced to forfeit your convenience and sleep to save money on your flight ticket booking.

Go for Flight Search Aggregators

A flight search aggregator’s business model is based on providing a platform that enables users to compare flight ticket prices from different airlines simultaneously. The platform allows you to compare prices and score the best deal without having to waste time searching for your preferred air ticket price on the airline’s website one at a time. You can have hands-on Google Flights, Skyscanner, FlightsChannel, Momondo, and many more on the market. 

Explore “Mistake Fares”

Sometimes, airlines make pricing errors that result in unbelievably low fares. These “mistake fares” are often advertised on websites such as Secret Flying and The Flight Deal. However, you should act quickly to take advantage of these deals because these types of deals snap up very fast. 

Have Weekend Getaway with a Little Twist

So if you are planning a weekend getaway, do it with a twist to avoid busy travel times and to obtain a cheap airline ticket as well. In short, all you need to do is avoid a Friday-to-Sunday weekend trip. Instead, you should fly on Thursday late at night and return on Monday early in the morning. Taking red-eye flights, both for departure and return, will certainly save you some extra dollars that you can use for other expenses during your trip.

Give a Try to “Open Jaw” Flights

Open Jaw Flights – If you are flying into a city and returning to your city from another city, such flights can be classified as open jaw flights. You will embark on these when you are planning to explore a country, traveling there for some time. An example of this is that you fly from New York to San Jose and catch a flight back to New York from Limon, another major city in Costa Rica.

The Summation

Hey Wanderlusters, we understand how much you guys love to travel but at the same time are haunted by the price of air tickets. These tips and suggestions will certainly benefit you and help you get your desired flight deal, such as scoring flight tickets under $100 or less, in no time at all. Do not wait any longer to fulfill your travel dreams. Get started now and do not worry about your budget. All will be well if you apply these suggestions seriously when booking a flight ticket.