11 Photography Tips for Solo Travelers | Capture Your Journey

11 Photography Tips for Solo Travelers _ Capture Your Journey

Many of us like to go on trips alone to explore new places and get to know ourselves on a better and deeper level. And photographing those moments helps us share our story on social media and remember those moments in the future. So, how do you photograph yourself in a crowded or noncrowded place?

This is what I am going to tell you in this article. So, read my photography tips for solo travellers to improve your travel photography skills.

Photography Tips for Solo Travelers

Photography is an art but you can also learn it by following some basic tips. It will not only help you turn your regular travel photos into art but also encourage you to go on to more beautiful places with your camera. 

Research the Location Before Visiting

Looking into the location beforehand is a very good strategy to get your vision. It will help you find good spots for your photography. For example, if you are going to a place where there is all the forest around, you will be able to plan things out based on area. 

However, do not just rely on the information from Google, walk around and explore the area. You may find some more cool places to take images.    

Take Pose Ideas from Google

To make the most use of your time in travelling, you can research travelling poses from Google or Pinterest. Just Google “Inspirational travelling poses for solo travellers”. You will get hundreds of image suggestions. Note down the suggestions you would like to try. Also, take screenshots to look at the images for future reference.


As you are travelling, you are going to walk and visit different places. So, you can not carry heavy travelling equipment. But the good thing is that you can use both a camera and a phone to take travelling images.

If you are using a Camera:

  • You just need small tripods. You can also use big tripods but since they are heavy and hard to carry, I recommend small ones. 
  • You also need a phone to connect to the camera. Once connected, you can organize the settings with the phone, see the view the camera is covering, and use it to capture the image.

If you are using a Phone:

  • You need a phone holder or tripod to take the photos. For this, if your phone holder is long enough, you can take selfies with the background. If you are using a tripod, use small ones for carrying easily.  
  • Bluetooth remote to click the image. If you use a tripod, you will need one.


You can make your clothing selection based on the location. For example, you are going to Maui. It is known for its sea so there will be a lot of sun rays. You should wear lighter colors like white, mustard yellow or blue.

However, if you are going for brighter colors, go for it. Plan the clothing but remember to take spare clothes as you might want to wear something different.

Take Photos in Golden Hour

Early in the morning and the time before dusk is the best time for taking travel photos. Why? Because that time lighting looks natural and gives a golden color. Also, popular places get crowded afterward so, to get a clear background and feel less awkward around people, golden hour is the best time. 

Ignore the Crowd   

If you are a shy person like me, this tip will be very helpful for you. Often, it happens that you are taking a photo and people are looking at you. However, ignore them. Get into the zone and do not look who is going where or looking where. Just enjoy the photo session.    

Place Yourself in Frames

Put yourself in a canvas. Try to find locations that look like frames. For example, there is an archway in the location. You stand in the middle and take the photo keeping the full archway and surrounding as the background. It will look like you are standing in a frame.

Use Rule of the Thirds

Your phone/camera’s three-grid mode is called the rule of the thirds. It allows your phone screen to divide into 9 sections. 2 Vertical lines and 2 horizontal lines. You place the subject using those lines. You can change the posture/poses by looking at the lines. It will also help you to take photos in a frame.

Use Timer

As you are taking photos alone, a self-timer will be your best friend in your journey. Why? taking photos directly and clicking the image will be harder alone. It can also get distorted or not turn out well. So, set the timer to 2 seconds, 5 seconds, or 10 seconds to get ready. 

Within that time, get prepared, pose, and hide the Bluetooth button or phone properly.       

Take Lots of Photos in One Spot

Take as many images as you need to get the perfect shot. When I said many images, it could be 5/10/15 images or even or even 1 image. If you get the perfect shot on the first try, then one shot is enough. 

However, try different styles in one location. You may like to keep and use those photos as well. 

Do Not Forget Retouching   

Traveling photos need to look natural. You need to portray the beauty of the location and the message. Hence, just taking the photos will not do. Take the photos in Photoshop, check for flaws, and retouch the beauty images perfectly to give the best feeling to the audience.


Traveling to different places and exploring new things is something I always recommend to people. Go out, see the world, capture the experiences into your camera’s frame, and share it with the world via social media so people can also feel and see the scenario that you saw.