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Maharashtra is an independent state in the country of India. India has significant meaning with Maharashtra state. It has a rich political and cultural history. When we talk about Maharashtra, the first thing that comes to mind is Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. He was the dreamer of Hindvi Swarajya and fought against the Mughals. He implemented the cultural roots of this state.

There are many picnic spots in Maharashtra which you can elaborate and enjoy over there. Hill stations in the Sahyandri mountains are also very beautiful. One important thing about Maharashtra is here for every district there are different language tones and cultural values.

Let’s discuss the top 10 picnic spots that you must visit in this state.

1. Lonavala

Cold City is situated in the mountain range on the Pune Mumbai highway. all IT enthusiasts spend their weekends here. You can visit throughout the year to this city. Its population is not much it’s around 57 thousand. Here you can see Bhaja caves, Bushi dam, Karla caves, Rajmachi fort and Ryewood lake.

2. Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar is one of the popular tourist destinations in the state. The location of the site is in the Sahyadri mountain range, Satara District, and around 160 kilometers from Pune. The city of Mahabaleshwar is famous for its peaceful environment, high forest area, and numerous archaeological shelters.

3. Ajanta and Ellora Caves

If you are a person who is enthusiastic about history then you must visit Ajanta and Ellora Caves. these are ancient rock-cut caves. these caves are situated near Sambhajinagar. you can also visit multiple Hindu and Jain temples around this location. You will find lots of positive reviews related to Kailash temple which is near to this caves. so for a picnic, you can check this also.

4. Ganpati Pule

This place is for white sandy beach lovers. here you can also find Hindu lord Ganesha temple. The atmosphere is also peaceful and energetic. This small town is situated in the Ratnagiri district. The lord Ganesha temple is 450 years old but still in good condition. Here you can play water sports which are available from November to May month of every year.

5. Bhimashankar

Bhimashankar is one of the holy Jyotirlingas out of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva in India. It is located around 100 km from Pune. This place is very popular among trekkers. The name of this place comes from the river Bhima. The war happened between Lord Shiva and Tripurasura, and then this river evaporated.

The land around this place is very fertile for farming you can see the farmer are continuously working in the farmland with their tractor and other machinery.

6. Alibaug

It is a coastal town located near to Mumbai city. you can connect with the sea when you visit Alibaug. you can enjoy the beaches like Alibaug and Varsoli beach over there. Some people have spelled it as Alibag also. You will find some holy temples around the alibag. You can enjoy a boat ride here and if you are looking for a stay then you can also find hotels in your budget.

7. Matheran

The name of this place came out that People around this place used to say “Mathe Ran Aahe” From this phrase this place got its name Matheran. This place is very beautiful and you can feel very positive vibes here.

8. Shirdi

Another holy place on our list. Shirdi is mainly known for monk sai baba. He is a spiritual leader who is not from any cast, religion, or any specific community. This reason makes him special in a country like India. His lots of devotees came from across India. Once you reach here you can also explore Shani Shingnapur which is near to Shirdi.

9. Karnala

This place is included specially for the nature lovers. Karnala is situated in the Raigarh district. This place is popular amongs the traveller for specially 2 reasons. One is karnala fort and another one is karnala bird sanctuary.

10. Koroli

Last but not least the beautiful hill station from nashik district acquires our list position. Karoli is just 250 km away from the pune by road. Trimbkeshwar shiva temple is the main attraction of this place. Lord shiva devottes must have to visit this place once in the life. This is one of the finest place for photographers.