Escape Your Bubble: 10 Places You Never Knew Existed

escape your bubble

The world is a big place. There are so many places to explore and discover, it’s hard not to feel like there’s always something new around the corner. Escape Your Bubble: 10 Places You Never Knew Existed takes you on a journey across the globe and shows you some of the most amazing locations that will make your heart race!

Vostok Station

The coldest temperature ever recorded on earth is -129 degrees Fahrenheit, and it was at Vostok Station in Antarctica.

An artist once carved the word ‘El Dorado’ into a field of wheat to find out what would happen if he couldn’t remove all traces of his work. It took nine months for somebody else to notice that there were letters in the cornfield!

Cherokee County

In 1977, when Tom Mitchell was just 11 years old, he discovered one of Alabama’s largest iron ore deposits while walking across some farmland with his family. Soon after this discovery, mining began near Cherokee County and created over 200 jobs during its peak operation time from 1978 until 1980.

In China, a new law will require drivers to exercise their left foot while driving. The law is designed to help reduce accidents and injuries on the roadways of Shanghai due to motorists who switch between feet when using pedals.

“For most people it’s hard enough just learning how to drive with one foot,” said Zhang Yi, an automotive expert at Jiaotong University in Beijing. “So I don’t think many Chinese drivers would be able to cope with this.”

Nam Tok Huay Yai

If you can find your way out of Khao Lak Thailand’s mangrove forest maze known as Nam Tok Huay Yai, hidden behind dense shrubbery lies the sparkling blue sea within view from above.

The Golden Gate Bridge

One of the world’s most famous bridges, The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco California is often called a “symbol of America.” It was completed on April 21st, 1937 and opened to traffic five days later. Due to its iconic status, it attracts over million visitors each year from all around the world.

In Ohio there are three locations where one can find an Indian burial mound made up of dirt and clay known as conical mounds or linear earthen enclosures that were built by Native Americans for ceremonial purposes. These impressive structures date back more than 2000 years ago!

One way you can escape your bubble without ever leaving home is through the magic of television. Escape with this list of the 20 Best TV Shows on Netflix to get you started!

This is a compilation of unique experiences near you whether it be trekking in Costa Rica or taking in Saturday morning cartoons in Buenos Aires. Escape the bubble and explore what’s out there! 

The Bucket List Destination Experience Budget Breakdown (Excluding Flights)

Section One

  • New Zealand $1100 USD;
  • London, UK$2800 USD;
  • Tanzania, Africa/Zanzibar $1600USD-$2000USD **

Section Two 

  • Costa Rica $700USD;
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina – Free

Section Three

  • Thailand $500 USD;
  • Melbourne Australia$600 USD

Costs may vary depending on the season and whether you have access to a pool. Our estimate includes food for two people in addition to transportation costs and other expenses such as entrance fees or hostel rentals. Please note that due to unpredictable weather conditions, this budget contains an additional contingency of $$400-$800 USD for unexpected events. We also recommend keeping your travels flexible so you can take advantage of last minute deals! To know more about this, visit

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