Solan, Himalal State, is known as the “Mushroom City” and is very beautiful. You can also plan to visit.

plan to visit this Himachal

If you want to experience the journey of the hills with the pleasure of a peaceful place, then Solan of Himachal is one of the best places to visit.

Solan is a beautiful city situated in the hills of the Himalayas. Named after the Hindu goddess Shulani Devi, Solan is nominated as the ‘Mushroom City’ and ‘City of Red Gold’ of India; this is a really interesting thing! Solan first came into existence as a cantonment city and still retains some of the colonial charm in its architectural features.

Solan perennial is an extremely beautiful hilly region of Himachal with good weather. Solan district is surrounded by catchment areas of three important rivers Sutlej, Yamuna and Ghaggar.

For those seeking adventure, the mountains near Solan offer interesting hiking possibilities. If you are also planning to roam somewhere, then you must plan to visit this Himachal ship. Let’s know about some places to visit in Solan.

The Menri Monastery

The Bonn Monastery in Solan is the second oldest Bonn Monastery in the world. This monastery holds an important place among Buddhists in the region as well as tourists visiting the city. Bon Math is where you should go with your family. The architecture of the monastery is very attractive and will definitely impress with its finest craftsmanship. Bon Matha, apart from being a religious site, is one of the best Solan tourist destinations. Located 12 kilometers from Solan city center, the Bon Monastery is the region’s major tourist attraction for those who want to experience Tibetan culture. Often confused with Buddhism, the Bon community is a spiritual society older than the Buddhist movement.

Rotation time: 9 am to 5 pm

Christ Church

The Christ Church is one of the most well-known symbols of the Solan District, located in the charming small mountain town of Kasauli. Architectural lovers are often seen coming to this scenic church, founded about 180 years ago by a British family who also founded the Kusuli colony. Christ Church is a great place for all fanatics, God lovers, and experience seekers. If you are in Shimla or any surrounding area, then definitely visit this place. This place is mainly located in the Mall Road of Kasauli rather than in Solan. The Kasauli bus station is nearby, so traveling is not a hassle.  Even a railway station is close to the place. It is one of the oldest churches in Himachal Pradesh, which was built in the year 1853. But the church always feels as if it is newly built. The church also has a beautiful clock tower, on which people click a lot of photos.

Timings: 7 am to 7 pm

Shoolini Mata Temple

This Hindu temple can easily become one of Solan’s most respected attractions, which can be clearly seen from the fact that the city’s name comes from Shoolini Devi – the temple is dedicated to the goddess. Being the holiest temple in the region, it is frequented by a large number of devotees, and being an iconic site, it is also quite popular among tourists. For a memorable experience, visit in the month of June when an annual festival is held here.

Timings: 7 am to 6 pm

Kalka Shimla Toy Train

Cross the toy train railway from Kalka to Shimla, and enjoy the unique way to see the evergreen landscape of Solan and Shimla.  Built more than a century ago by the British, the train passes through an amazing sequence of 107 tunnels and 864 bridges, which cut right through the mountains to give tourists a memorable train ride. People To get to Solan, you can board the train from Kumarhati, Barrog, Solan or Salogra stations.  The railway has 7 different trains running from Kalka which starts at 4 am and runs till 12:30 pm.

In this way, Solan, which is full of various attractions, really attracts tourists every moment towards its beauty.

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