Plan Your Special Occasions The Right Way With Karma Bhutan

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Little known but less so than it used to be, the Kingdom of Bhutan has become a major attraction for travel buffs. The Kingdom of Bhutan, tucked away within vast mountains, should be on your travel list for when you want to spend your special occasions differently.

Not only is exploring Bhutan’s majestic mountains and ravishing vistas a real treat for those seeking an antidote to stress and bustling cities, but it is going to make for a truly unique experience – one you will remember for a lifetime.

If you want to grab the opportunity for an exceptional experience to observe the untainted beauty and watch breathtaking sunsets from mountains towering above the clouds, Karma Bhutan is here to provide you with the kind of holiday experience designed just for you. 

At Karma Bhutan, we value exclusivity, giving our travelers unique experiences curated just for them. After all, isn’t that what luxury is all about? So, be it your birthday or anniversary, Bhutan is here to celebrate you. 

For in Bhutan, everyday is a celebration of you. Let’s take a look at some of the most luxurious ways to spend your holiday in Bhutan the right way with Karma Bhutan.

#1. Seek Refuge In The Tiger’s Nest  

The temple that hangs on a cliff 

We begin with a visit to Paro Taktsang, also known as the Tiger’s Nest. Starting your trip with such a spiritually significant place is sure to invigorate you. Perched 900m above Paro Valley, many have found solace within these bounds. It is a short, one-day hike with a well-paved path.  

As you climb the Tiger’s Nest, the landscape shifts from pinewoods to flowers and oak-filled trees and shrubs. Aside from its picturesque panorama of the lofty mountains and ravines, the expedition offers the doorway to spiritual awakenings. 

When you soak up nature, you will begin to feel the joy within you, which is why we recommend hiking to Taktsang at least once in your life, just as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge did.

Forget training sessions with a lifestyle coach and forget self-help motivational books because you won’t really learn to push your limits when you don’t have to.

Hiking to Taktsang is one of the best ways to test yourself, and the immense feeling of accomplishment is simply beyond words.

#2. Glamping In Phobjikha Valley  

Luxury glamping in Phobjikha 

Camping and creating priceless moments is one of the delightful ways to explore Bhutan with your loved ones. It is an immersive way to connect to the outdoors, where contemporary luxury’s grandeur meets nature’s magic. 

While glamping in the vast plains of Phobjikha valley, there are incredible alpine views and creeks where the endangered Black-Necked Cranes dwell and feed on its marshy fields during winter. 

The valley offers a slew of active pursuits like hiking, biking, bird watching, and relaxation. Phobjikha’s many attractions, including mountain excursions, are within reach, making this an ideal camping site in Bhutan for couples to spend their honeymoon.

#3. Spa Retreat In Punakha Valley  

Karma Bhutan focuses on overall well-being 

Post a long hike it is only natural for our body to crave a much-needed break. Nestled in the wilderness is a wellness retreat in Punakha Valley so thoughtfully designed, you are bound to simply float away. 

We can think of nothing better than spending your special days in Bhutan with your loved ones while showering every tenderness, love, and care on your body, mind and soul.

In the mornings, you will rise to a clear blue sky and enjoy an active and rejuvenating spa session that gently pushes you toward your relaxed zone. The spa therapy in Luxurious hotels in Punakha offers stillness and comfort. 

Thanks to the friendly staff and Karma Bhutan’s masterpiece trip planner, you can feel at home with the highest level of comfort and security. 

Every spa therapy, including face massages, detox steams, and other body treatments enhance your overall well-being. 

This is a great opportunity to give yourself the physical and emotional space you need to look after yourself while immersing in the beauty of Bhutan’s pristine environment. 

#4. Reinvigorating Jomolhari Base Camp   

Camping with Jomolhari at the backdrop

Mount Jomolhari (7315m), which people often consider the bride of Kangchenjunga, is the second-highest unclimbed peak in the world, and to camp at its base is truly enchanting. 

Surrounded by glacial lakes, fragrant shrubs, and gracious people, you’ll fall in love with this place in every way imaginable. To plan your special occasions with your loved ones, family, and friends, you should certainly consider camping at the base of Jomolhari. 

Although trekking to the base of Jomolhari is one of the long haul arduous trekking trails in Bhutan, a helicopter ride can be arranged to give you a bird’s eye perspective of the snow-coated Himalayan mountains and peaks, soaring ever higher. 

Upon reaching the base of the sacred Mount Jomolhari, you’ll be greeted with breathtaking views of the astounding Jichu Drake (6794m) and Tshrim Khang. Furthering the excursion, you’ll gradually cross the pass with views of the Lingshi Dzong perched atop a hill.

If you intend to trek, you’ll see the most challenging day crossing the 4950m Yale Pass before descending to the Wang Chhu River of Thimphu. This is a relatively short but difficult trek with vistas of the mountains that are often only found on much longer treks.

Bottom Line 

Bhutan is a country less trodden by travelers, and if you’re looking to spend your special occasions unwinding from the chaotic cities and connecting with nature, it is the place to go.

For planning your special occasion in Bhutan, we strongly recommend Karma Bhutan, one of the top luxury travel agents in Bhutan. 

With more than 13 years in the tourism industry, Karma Bhutan aims to provide a fresh take on the travel industry with a strong commitment to promoting wellness and luxurious travel. 
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