The Pleasure Of Travelling Together

travelling together

The avid travellers and explorers enjoy travelling with Tempo Travelers nowadays. Tempo Travellers come with the advantage of 16 people seating capacity. It is one of the sought-after vehicles for travelling in Delhi and outside. This is one of the suitable vehicles for all kinds of travelling for business or pleasure. If you are planning for a weekend gateway with your family or friends or business trip, travelling together in Luxury Tempo Travellers is going to be great fun.

At Tempo Travelers Hire we provide Rental Tempo Travellers in Delhi. We offer tempo Travelers ranging from 7 Seater9 seats10+1 seaters12 seaters 14 seaters16 seaters18 seaters. We also offer the AC Coaches and Maharaja seatsto Tempo Travellers. The price range starts from the best affordable rates. For booking a tour or Hiring a Luxury Tempo Travellers, we are just a ring away or a few clicks away from your side. 


The Corporate Travelers wish to travel together for weekend trips by tempo. Luxury Tempo Travellersruns smoothly with the comfort of likethe luxury car even on rugged mountains. Many people do not prefer to rent a car in Delhi for outstation travels. With Tempo Travellers, you can be assured of the most comfortable luxury 9-seater Tempo Travellers. You can rent the Tempo Travellers for Delhi, Rajasthan, Himachal, Uttarakhand, Srinagar, and many other tourist destinations of North India. We offer all amenities needed for a road trip in our Tempo Travellers.

Delhi being the Capital of India is one of the preferred tourist locations. Delhi is blessed with its immense beauty and beautiful sights. All those ancient monuments and historical temples also add to its attraction.People from all over the world are attracted and eager to visit Delhi. Delhi can be explored easily by hiring 9-seater tempo travellersfor rent. 9-Seater Tempo Travellers come with ample space for luggage over the roof.It has got a spacious cabin to enter and offer full leg space and luxury featuring amenities to entertain the riders. We as a dependable and trustworthy travel partner. We provide the Tempo Travellers with all safety features. Ourfully air-conditioned luxury 9-seaterTempo Travellers for outstation helps you keep relaxed in even the hottest summer.Visiting new places always includes fun and learning. Affordable 9-seaterTempo Travellershelp make travel easy on hills or the remotest place of your choice. Tempo Travellers Hire is always committed and eager to provide you with Tempo Travellers for your comfort. No matter what the reason like corporate tours, trekking tours and family tours is etc.

Benefits of TEMPO TRAVELLER HIRE ON RENT in Delhi for Group Trips

Tempo Travellers is the most comfortable means of transport to rent for long journeys. Let’s Partner with us to ensure and entertain your group throughout the trip.

Tempo Travellers is a compact but very spacious vehicle. It comes with a powerful engine to climb every hill with ease. It provides space starting from 9 people to 22 people on board. With a narrow lane coach.

The Pleasure of travelling together is one of the main advantages of Tempo Travellers. Tempo Travellers on Rent can accommodate three or more families easily. It offers a lot of leg space with reclining seats for extreme comfort.

Tempo Traveller on rent offer onboard luxuries features. The list of features starts from led tv, sophisticated music system, icebox, clean curtains, sofa seats for comfortable sitting, Mobile or Laptop charging slots, AC blowers and Vent, Mineral Waters for a complete leisure road travel purpose.

Tempo Travellers come with sliding windows to allow the flow of fresh air in and out. The vehicle is packed properly and does not allow the water to come inside even during rainy days.

Booking a Tempo Travellers on Rent

It is quite easy and simple to Book a Tempo Travellersfor rent. We are available for booking both online and offline mode. We have our representative directly whom you can call for all your queries. At the same time, we are available online with a website and smartphone application. You just need to fill out the enquiry form to get our quotes within no time of submission. We offer affordable and economical travelling options for group trips. No matter it is a corporate or college trip our Tempo Travellers on Rent service.All our Vehicle Fleets remains up to date and well maintained. We assure proper sanitization of our fleet to ensure the full safety of our Clients. We are having our office in the heart of the city i.e.,central Delhi. We can be accessed physically as well during business hours.