How to prefer a seat with WestJet Seat Selection?

westjet seat selection

WestJet is the second-largest Canadian airline operating 777 flights for more than 100 national and international destinations. It caters to great in-flight services and other vital assistance. People usually prefer WestJet Seat Selection fees and so book their flights in advance to avoid unnecessary chaos and additional charges occurring at the last hour reservation. Going through this post will help you know all about the seat selection policy and what would happen in case you miss choosing a seat while booking. 

General Guidelines on WestJet Seat Selection Policy

Keeping the following general points in mind will bring you great benefits while booking a WestJet flight. 

  • Travelers are permitted to overhaul their booked seats to the privileged exclusively on the flight. Be that as it may, you can’t update your seat from business class to economy class according to WestJet seat choice guidelines.
  • Furthermore, the seat selection should be made at the hour of flight booking itself because due to the high opportunity to get a preferable seat according to your decision on the grounds that the seat accessibility will be high.
  • Besides, you can make a seat choice during your registration. Be that as it may, it relies upon the accessibility of the seats on the flights.
  • On the off chance that you wish to make a seat selection, you should do it 24 to 3 hours before the arranged takeoff for the worldwide flights and 24 to 2 hours before the flights booked takeoff for domestic flights. You can also do so even at the WestJet Counter at the airport.
  • Assuming that the travelers overhaul their seats starting with one flight class and then onto the next, they are expected to rebook their flight rebooking.

Can I Choose a Seat After Booking a WestJet Flight?

‘Definitely Yes’, WestJet Airlines has fair provisions for seat selection that allow you to choose preferable seats even after booking a WestJet flight. Nonetheless, in case you need to choose a seat after booking WestJet, going through the following points can help you to a great extent.

  • To choose seats of your choice online after reservation you are required to visit the WestJet Airlines official website.
  • Now, scroll to the ‘Check-in’ icon.
  • Then, fill in the appropriate columns with the right information.
  • Now, select the seat upgrade service.
  • At this point, the seat layout will be displayed and vacant seats will be shown in ‘Green’.
  • Further, click on the seat of your choice from the seats shown in ‘Green’
  • Finally, you need to pay the fee online to confirm your seat selection procedure with WestJet Airlines. 

Therefore, it’s crystal clear that WestJet Seat Selection Policy has great provisions that allow you to choose a seat with WestJet even after booking a flight. However, if you seek more information, you can also speak to a live executive at West Jet Airlines’ 24/7 Passenger Helpdesk. 

Do I Need to Pay for Seat Selection with WestJet Airline?

Yes, you do! According to the seat selection scheme, you will have to pay charges to opt for WestJet seat selection. Nonetheless, this fee is determined on the basis of the flight class. However, if you are thinking to select a seat during the check-in process, the charges will automatically increase. Therefore, to save unnecessary expenses you should select your chosen seat right at the time of online reservation. You may find the following fee details for seat selection truly helpful. 

  • The seat selection fee for the basic fare class during the check-in would range between $3.85 and $ 90.
  • The seat selection fee for a standard seat would range between $3.85 and $46.
  • The seat selection fee for the basic fare class for a preferred exit row would range between $7.70 and $90.
  • The seat selection fee for Economy Class would range between $3.85 and $86.
  • The seat selection fee for exit row seats in the Economy class would range between $7.70 and $90.

So, you can better understand all about WestJet Seat Selection terms and conditions. Experts suggest executing all these tasks online prior to the scheduled departure to refrain from unnecessary additional charges and complications that occur at the last moment. 

However, if you seek instant technical assistance or look for a piece of information, talking to a live human at SpiceJet would be the most preferred way. You may contact an authorized WestJet executive by calling +1-845-459-2806. 

Concluding Words

WestJet promises all its travelers to provide the most beneficial assistance in all terms. It ensures you excellent in-flight experiences and is liked by passengers owing to its admirable amenities. However, WestJet Seat Selection allows you to select a seat of your choice even after booking a WestJet flight. Flying with WestJet will bring you a great experience in all resorts.