What is Passover? What are The Requirements for Passover?


Pesach is another name of Passover and this festival is celebrated by Jewish people. Jewish holidays or Pesach last for eight days to commemorate the Passover, also known as Pesach, is a Jewish holiday that lasts for eight days to commemorate the freedom from the slavery of the Egyptian Pharaoh. It is believed by Israelites that God helped them to escape Egypt and get freedom from slavery by sending 10 plagues in Egypt.

Requirements of Passover

There are various important things that you should consider during the Passover such as Jews have to avoid the leavened product, prepare a Seder meal, fast of the firstborn, etc. Passover preparation at home is a tedious job and you should book your seat in Passover programs to enjoy these holidays stress-free. Let’s read various things that you need to consider during Passover.

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Passover is one of the most important festivals for Jews. Though the basic rules for celebrating Passover are the same, it may slightly vary from community to community, and even family to family. There are various Passover customs and rituals that are observed by Jews.

  • Avoiding Leavened Bread

During Passover, some food items are strictly prohibited and one of them is leavened bread. Jews do not eat food items that are comprised of leavened bread during the time of Passover. In addition to this, Jews also avoid any grain product like pasta, oatmeal, beer, and most liquor.

  • Remove Hametz From House

Jews not just avoid eating leavened bread, but they also remove hametz from their house. Jews observe their customs strictly and properly clean their house. They make sure that not even a single crumb of leavened bread is left behind. The expensive grain products are sold to non-Jew people before starting the holidays.

  • Fasting of the First Born

Jewish people also practice fasting of the firstborn baby during the time of Passover. This fasting practice starts from sunrises and continues till sunset. This fasting practice is done to recall how god spared Israelites firstborn and killed the firstborn of Egyptians. Well, some Jewish people avoid fasting practice and celebrate festive meal early during the day.

  • Seder

One of the most important parts of Passover is the preparation of Seder. Seder is a ceremonial feast that is held on the first evening of the Passover holiday. Some Jews hold two Seders, each on the first two nights of the Passover holidays. The Seder plate is prepared in such a way that it dramatically retells the story of ancestor Israelites who escaped the slavery of Egyptian Pharaoh. Every item in the Seder plate symbolizes something. For instance, bitter herbs on the Seder plate describe the hardship of Jews during the time of Slavery. Seder is started by lighting up candles and blessing of red wine.  

  • Eating Matzah

Matzah is dubbed “the bread of affliction” and it is an unleavened cracker. Matzah is made up of wheat and it is quickly baked before batter starts rising. Matzah is consumed during the time of Seder and eight days of Passover. Matzah recalls haste in which Jews escaped Egypt. Thus, they do not let the bread rise. Matzah or unleavened cracker is a consummate symbol of Passover. Sometimes, Matzah is referred to as Chag Hamatzot in Hebrew. It means the holiday of the matzah.

  • Synagogue services

Just like various other Jewish festivals, the Passover celebration has a special synagogue service. This service includes chanting of songs and particular Torah reading for Passover holidays. In addition to this, the memorial service Yizkor also takes place in the synagogue on the last day of the Passover celebration. It is recited four times a year.

  • No work

Most traditionally observant Jews avoid various activities such as driving, using electricity, spending money, etc. during the first two and last two days of the Passover holidays. Therefore, schools of Jewish people are closed during the time of Passover holidays. Also, leaves are given to office workers so that they can celebrate holidays without any problem.  

Final Words

Passover is one of the most important festivals for Jewish and they celebrate these holidays with full energy. Preparations are important for making this celebration trouble-free. Jews should arrange important things in advance and remove leavened items from their house.

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