Resorts of Montenegro- Where to go on vacation in 2022?

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Summer brings long-awaited warmth, delighting with sunny days, juicy fruits and bright colors. This is the time for picnics, beaches and, most importantly, vacations. I would like to pack my things and spend a few weeks on the gentle beaches, or go to the mountains, live in tents and cook food over a fire. The small country of Montenegro and its resorts will gladly give their guests a vacation for every taste.

Despite the small territory of Montenegro, almost the whole of it is one large resort with sandy and pebble beaches, warm and transparent Adriatic Sea and green wooded mountains.

Vacation at sea

Beach lovers and sunbathers will appreciate the hospitality of the towns and villages along the coast. They greet visitors with beaches, relaxing and giving the long-awaited peace.

Fans of fine sea sand, on which it is so convenient to lie down after swimming, will choose the city of Ulcinj to visit , since only in its vicinity there are sandy beaches. They are quite popular both among tourists and among the Montenegrins themselves. Therefore, it is better to choose a beach outside the city, which is much less busy.

Budva , one of the largest cities, offers interesting excursions to its guests. Visitors to Budva are sure that the best resorts in Montenegro are located there. The Budva Riviera is a chain of sunny beaches stretching along the central part of the Montenegrin coast. It is never cold here, and even in winter, the Riviera has freezing temperatures.

The island-hotel Sveti Stefan is famous for its rare solitude for Montenegro. The prestigious resort and small beaches are popular with those guests of Montenegro who do not mind shelling out for the luxury of being far from a noisy civilization.

Sutomore offers its guests many cafes and villas at reasonable prices  located on the beaches. Here you can sit comfortably on the cozy promenade and enjoy a delicious dinner while watching the bright sunset.

Igalo is a city with many healing centers and mineral springs. But the most important thing is that the Institute of Physiotherapy and Prevention named after Simo Milosevic is located here. Other hospitals and health centers of the city gladly give their guests health and relaxation.

Petrovac will welcome tourists with a calm and measured life, comfortable beaches and interesting excursions. This resort in Montenegro is suitable for both children and adults, offering entertainment for all ages. Therefore, it makes sense for tourists with families to go here.

Bar , the main port and the oldest fortress in Montenegro, has long been chosen by tourists from various countries. The old town and new villas on the coast in the complex create a unique resort that will both relax the tired tourist and give him a lot of impressions from excursions and museums.

Which beach resorts in Montenegro will be the ideal vacation spot is up to you. But each chosen city will leave behind extremely positive emotions. Reviewing photos of Montenegro resorts and indulging in warm memories, you will definitely want to return to these warm beaches again.

Mountains of Montenegro

The eastern part of Montenegro is covered with mountain ranges that have long attracted outdoor enthusiasts. Here you will find hiking on the forest slopes, conquering unexplored peaks, sweet dreams in tents and an incredible feeling of freedom, inspired by the mountain air. Resorts and cities of Montenegro, located at the foot of the mountains, gladly host many tourists.

Risan is the oldest city with a rich history and amazing legends. Although it is located practically in the bay, you will not find sailors and shipbuilders here. The local residents will gladly tell you the legend of why this happened.

A city that combines steep slopes, along which climbers like to climb, and warm sea beaches, and turbulent mountain rivers – this is Orahovac . This place is unique for its air, which mixes sea salt and the freshness of the forest.

Kolasin will surprise guests with the untouched nature of the reserve, which surrounds it from all sides. Centennial forests are mesmerizing and tell tales of the past. The resorts of Montenegro for active recreation, sports and mountain tourism are located in Kolasin.

The small mountain town of Zabljak is surprising already in that it has a permanent ski slope, despite the fact that the climate here is not so cold. The air temperature rarely drops below -5 degrees. Cold winters are generally not typical for warm Montenegro, which, however, does not prevent skiers from going here to relax.

The largest and very tiny mountain towns and resorts in Montenegro are always open for tourism, and only you can decide which one to choose. In addition, Montenegro is very loyal to foreign tourists and does not require a visa to enter for residents of Russia and Ukraine.

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