Rupin Pass Trek: Overview

A classic Himalayan walking tour is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Dehradun. The whole trek begins in Sangla, Himachal Pradesh from Dhaula in Uttarakhand. It’s a trek high up, but it is much more than a walk. This tour includes a snow-capped view of the powerful high mountain tops of the Himalayas, a vibrant array of fauna and flora, luxuriant green woodlands, river cascades and amazing meadows.

It is advisable to stop at as many places as possible because this would be your once-in-a-lifetime experience. Among the most popular sights here are the village of Jhaka, Mori, Pokhu Devta temple, the Temple of Kinnaur and the view of Kinner Kailash. The trek is a bit hard, but there are some easy trails.

One of the most enjoyable and enjoyable treks for every trekker is the Rupin Pass Trek. The hike begins at Dhaula, Uttarakhand, and ends at Sangla, Himachal-Pradesh, at an altitude of 4650 meters.

Rupin Pass trek is a high altitude trek starting in Dhaula and ending at Sangla in Uttarakhand. In Himachal you will mostly go trekking, as there is 80% of the trekking route itself.

Rupin Pass is one of Indian’s top-of-the-range trekking expeditions and is approximately 15,250 feet high. The high altitudes not only attract many nature lovers because of its popularity among walkers, the varied number of landscapes and sudden variations in paths.

Every hour, you will become surprised at the variety that mother nature in Rupin Pass Trek can offer you. At times, the trails are very hard with their steep climbs, which change suddenly into easy walks.

Rupin Pass offers a trek to every type of terrain, whether on snow, rocky terrain, along water streams or meadows. This is an ideal way for adventure. You will start walking from greener and hot areas, and as you finish you will walk across the coldest of the areas of snow.

Surprises on the Rupin Pass trek

Views of the Waterfalls: There are many cascades and streams along the walk. The most beautiful sights you’re facing in Rupin Valley are thousands of waterfalls that flow up so high that they seem to fall directly from the sky.

Jhaka Village: a unique village located at the very edge of the mountain, which seems to be on the cliff.

Snow Bridges: Another enhancement to the range of treks is the feeling that you walk along the snow bridges. On the way you will find many snow bridges.

Lush forests: Trekking through the fire, rhododendron and oak forests in various places. The entry into and out of the forests are so sudden again that you’ll feel it’s a film setup.

Kinnaur Temple: The Sewa Temple, which is very different from its environment, is a two-story Kinnauri culture temple.

Kinner Kailash Views: The view of the high Kailash Peak is impressive as you reach the end of the Rupin Pass Tour.

Rupin Pass Trek: Detailed Itinerary

Dehradun to Sankri

You don’t have to walk but to ride your way to Sankri on the first day of your trip. It isn’t very cold but humid weather along the way. However, the lovely sights of the hills will keep you passionate about the more beautiful view. Except for the last few kilometers, the roads to Sankrí are in good condition.

On your way through a unique village, you can see the clean water of the Yamuna River, which is known for Kaurawa’s worship. Mori, a valley of marigold flowers, is a charming part of the village. Our team will serve you after your 8 hour ride with delicious food to recover your energy.

Sankri to Dhaula to Sewa

Following the breakfast drive to Dhaula, 26 km away from the road and about 1 hour away.

The trek starts from Dhaula but it isn’t too tedious for you because the entire trek is an easy and ongoing walk to Sewa.

After leaving the village of Dhaula, pass a cattle shelter, and the trail begins to climb for about 200 m. It gets easy again after 20 minutes, a little further and you’ll get another sight, Rupin, flowing into his bed below.

You can walk down another Rupin scenery fallen from a high cliff and walk on an ascending path through the apple and apricot trees. You’ll arrive on the road before Sewa; at the store there you can have tea and snacks and enjoy Rupin’s sights flowing with soothing sounds.

Explore Sewa’s famous Kinnaur Temple, where villagers receive medals and trophies outside the temple. In Sewa, you will be a little disappointed as the views are not as enjoyable as before. You can, however, either camp outside Sewa, or you can only camp in the village. You will camp between the rocks.

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