Rupin Pass trek

About Rupin Pass

Majorly you’ll do Trekking in Himachal as the 8th of the trek route is there itself. Being a high altitude trek, of  15250 feet, Rupin Pass is taken into consideration among one in every of the high vary expeditions for Trekking in Asian countries. The high altitude is not  the only reason for its quality among trekkers, the diversified variety of sceneries and unexpected variation in trails  attracts several nature lovers. The pass is  beautiful and it’ll surprise you every time you see it. With each new visit you’ll find one thing new and can amaze you.

You will get stunned at each hour by the quantity of selection that mother nature must give you in Rupin Pass Trek.

Rupin Pass trek is perfect  because it gives a trek to each sort of piece of land, be it on snow, rocky piece of land, on and through the water streams or meadows. you’ll begin trekking your route from greener and hot landscapes and move towards and through the coldest of areas over the snow when you reach the tip.

Best time for Rupin Pass Trek

Best time to try to go to Rupin Pass is in 2 seasons. One is summer before monsoon and also the difference is season or post-monsoon, you want to avoid trekking on high altitude treks throughout monsoon season as there are possibilities of flood and landslides. within the season, you’ll be a witness to a tremendous read and it’ll beguile you with its beauty. The place will welcome you all year round and is a blessing for tourists and nature enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Specialities of Rupin Pass Trek

Waterfall views: you’ll find several waterfalls and stream tho’ the trek. The simplest of the sights you’ll face at Rupin depression is thousands of waterfalls flowing down through such a height that it seems as if they’re falling straight from the sky.

Jhaka Village, a dangling Village: it’s a  positioned village at the utmost fringe of the mountain creating it seem to hang through the formation.

Snow Bridges: the feeling of walking on the snow bridges you find is another sweetening to the range of the treks. you’ll find various snow bridges on the trek.

Kinnaur Temple: it’s a 2 level temple of Kinnauri culture at Sewa that is incredibly completely different from its encompassing.

Views of Kinner Kailash: you’ll get hypnotized by the views of lofty Kailash Peak whereas you reach towards the tip of Rupin Pass trek.

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Important Things to carry during Rupin Pass trek

  • Toilet facilities are only at the bottom village.
  • We advise people with  medical problems /history to not take it . Still If he/she will thus, it should be at the person’s risk. The management won’t be answerable.
  • Parking facilities are out there at Base village
  • Smoking/drinking/smoking up is strictly prohibited.


There are certain things one should keep in mind before planning Rupin pass trek like they must not forget packing good quality shoes, heat jackets, torches with  batteries , waterproof luggage, caps or hats to stay away from direct sunlight, lots of food, water and money during emergencies. Patients of heart, asthma, brain disease or other body disorders should take further care.

It’s like you are going to the most calm location in your lives. It brings a smile to your face and has a completely different soothing effect upon you. The place is worth its weight in Gold and is so exclusive  that you won’t want to go back home. It’s just perfect for everyone  and especially for a group of people, families to spend a quality time together. The whole journey is  rejuvenating and you’ll return to your house tension free.

The place is full of surprises and with every step you will get to know something new to explore about this place. This is an exclusive place, one which will be perfect for you to get away from the city blues and will rejuvenate and make you forget all about your stress. The exclusiveness it has will make you fall in love with the place.

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