Top 5 Sightseeing Places To Visit In Udaipur In 2 Day

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Udaipur has marvellous places to catch a tourist’s attention, but what makes it more accessible is getting the Best taxi service in Udaipur. I have tried and looked out for every option, but this roaming with a taxi or cab is the most relevant option. From the best taxi services list on google, I have come across Kalyan Tours and Travels, and here I am sharing my experience of two days.

On Day 1, I was in a hurry to leave my hotel room, so I decided to take breakfast on some street. I told the driver, who was about to pick me up from my destination, to stop nearby for some eatable. He took me to the famous Kachori-samosa shop, and there I ate it with crispy Jalebi too. Afterwards, we headed for our most exciting trip to Udaipur. We began with City Palace, which was built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, who did rule from 1699 to 1744; the history of the city palace is intricately entwined with the city’s history of Jaipur and its kings. He is credited for starting the construction of the sprawling city complex by erecting its exterior wall. 

The complex’s most notable and popular buildings are the Chandra Mahal, Mubarak Mahal, Shri Govind Dev Temple, and City Palace Museum. I kept writing everything in my journal to remember everything after leaving this place. The history, the art, and its architecture all amazed my mind. 

Jagdish Temple is the most lucrative place in the city in terms of serenity. There is some peaceful warmth in the atmosphere, which can only be felt when you visit this temple near City Palace. It is only a few meters away from City Palace’s back gate. 

Sightseeing Taxi service in Udaipur also helps you discover the undiscovered realm because their drivers are familiar with the local facts, which may or may not be written in the history books. Isn’t it interesting to find such a privilege with the local drivers of Udaipur? It definitely is.

I sipped coffee around the edges of Pichhola when I sat for a few hours around the Gangaur Ghat and pondered about the golden lights of the hotels, which are an eye-catching point here. 

The next day, Day 2, we left for Sajjan Garh, which has a biological park. Sajjangarh Fort is a majestic and stunning palace constructed on the Aravalli hilltop that has survived the ravages of time. The Sajjangarh Palace, the opulent home of Maharana Sajjan Singh, was built in 1884. The King’s ancestral house, Chittorgarh, the City Palace, and Lake Fateh Sagar are all visible from the Palace.

The Sajjangarh Palace is located 10 kilometres from the city’s centre. To get here, you can take a government-run bus, an auto-rickshaw, or a local taxi. But I suggest you take a Taxi in Udaipur because you can carry all your luggage with you and rest in the cab. There is a wildlife sanctuary named Sajjangarh Zoological Park; it would definitely arise curiosity in a wildlife lover.  

After that, we enjoyed the sunset at Fatehsagar lake. Maharana Jai Singh built the lake in 1678, but after the dam was demolished by torrential rain in 1888, he rebuilt it and gave it the new name Fateh Sagar. Within the lake’s perimeter are three islands, the largest of which is the garden island Nehru Park. A café in the shape of a boat and a kid’s zoo is located in the park. From Moti Magri Hill’s base, visitors can rent motorboats or pedal boats and take leisurely boat excursions on the lake. Water wells are located in an open garden on the second island. The Udaipur Solar Observatory in Asia’s third island boasts the region’s best solar viewing location. People frequently retreat to one of the city’s four lakes so they can scream at the unusual blue seas and dive into breathtaking grandeur. Due to its exceptional quality and alluring appeal, it quickly became one of the week’s top priorities and an absolute necessity for visitors.

Then we headed towards Bagore ki Haveli for the folk dance events and the puppet show. The Haveli features more than a hundred rooms that feature modern art and costume exhibits. The interiors feature Haveli-made glass and mirrors. The Queen’s Chamber’s walls still display a Mewar painting sample. Two peacocks created from tiny coloured glass fragments are examples of glasswork. 

At last, I decided to taste the delicacies of Sukhadiya circle’s Chaupati and then we all left for this place to enjoy the different variety of food from distinct street vendors or thella vallas

It was the most relishing and relaxing journey for me, and I am not exaggerating my regard for Kalyan tours for serving us correctly. You all must hire them for every kind of local trip in Udaipur or outside it.