Usually this is not an option. Summer means time to bathe and show off meat, and as winter approaches, it sharpens its edges and prepares for snow. But if you lack time or money and COVID changes your plans, you may have to convince your family or the other half why a ski vacation is definitely worth it. Take a look at our list of reasons that support your cause:

10 reasons why a ski holiday offers a beach holiday

  1. The landscape is epic
  2. Wine and cheese production are part of the culture.
  3. Comfort is the key.
  4. You always have a great brown color.
  5. Keep it active.
  6. Take care of everyone’s needs.
  7. Snow is a lot of fun.
  8. The freedom you feel while skiing or in the snow.
  9. Feeling successful learning new skills on skis or surfing.
  10. Opportunity to explore the mountains.

The landscape is epic

Imagine snowy mountains, steep peaks and a few pines as far as can be seen. Boxes in chocolates and sleighs with horses circling the trees. How could a pool with sunbeds and fitted parasols compete?

you can always enjoy

Enjoying lunch with wine and cheese is part of the culture during the ski holidays. If you have lunch in Geneva, you will actually be communicating with the locals, instead of following the British stereotype. If you ski all day, you definitely deserve dinner.

Comfort is the key

You can leave your shoes at home. Comfort is the key to best ski boots style. Therefore, instead of inserting your swollen feet into your heels or pulling your hips on a smooth bottom, you can put wool socks and comfortable Uggy into your usual but sensual comfort. You can find our other favorite shoes in these brands – Sorel, Timberland and The North Face. In our opinion, we would stay away from the moon boots – they don’t work in the snow like they do!

You always have a great brown color

If you are current and have a reflective white environment, that means you have a bad brown color without having to sit on your back all day. Just alternate sunglasses and sunglasses to get a more even brown color. Alternatively you can learn how to adopt brands of glasses. Here you are:

No pressure

The ski gym can benefit from your skiing holiday, but you don’t have to worry about your bikini diet or the fear of avoiding everything in a tight swimsuit before the holidays. The beauty of cross-country skiing is that you can eat during dinner without loosening your belt. Ski skirts and Christmas sweaters hide a lot of sins !! Oh, a retro ski suit. You don’t need to wait for dazzling fun in the mountains to find your best retro scissors. Obstacles from the 80s can make you happy that the piece and the choice of newcomers are again the pinnacle of fashion.

Take care of everyone’s needs

On hot holidays, there are always those who prefer to lie on their backs all day, while others itch on their feet and get bored easily. If you have other plans while skiing, you can let your sitting grandson chaud you in a mountain restaurant by climbing a few more laps, thus reducing the conflict of conflict priorities. Then you can meet later in the bar for your favorite après-session. Imagine concert music, cold beer and table dancing in ski boots. How can you even compete on the beach?

Who wouldn’t love snow?

That’s obvious, but a good thing! Who wouldn’t love snow ?! This makes everything look intact and fresh. It will change your fall when your technique fails. You can use it to clean up some of the wine you missed during lunch. To make every day look like Christmas. Kids love it. You won’t find it in sandwiches during lunch and it doesn’t irritate your skin and cause redness. And who wouldn’t love a real snow fight? The sand just doesn’t compete !!

Freedom from skiing and snowboarding

Yes, après-ski is skiing, a ski resort where it greatly enjoys the beautiful scenery, but the real reason why we get ready on the slopes every day is real skiing (or snow). Sensation slips up, with the wind in her hair and the icy cold on her face. This reputation cannot be defeated.

A sense of success

By learning new skiing or snowboarding skills, you will experience great success. This is not something you stay in the sun all day. Skiing and snowboarding offer a great combination of fun, challenges and learning something new during the holidays. Not lit?

Exploration and adventure

The opportunity to explore the mountain is one of the best feelings. If you look at a map of the slopes, it’s part of the adventure to find out which restaurant you’re going to eat at and transform everything. Before the end of the week, get to know the home resort in your city. As you move on, our skiing and skiing adventurers can take you to a secluded landscape away from the ski lifts and crowds to get a real view of the pristine mountains. And if the rest of these reasons don’t convince your partner, then definitely.

So pack your lilac and take off your winter clothes, the skiing season is approaching and we can’t wait!

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