Can a solo lady spend 3 months in Saudi Arabia?

months in Saudi Arabia

months in Saudi Arabia

As we know, Saudi Arabia was very famous for its strict rules for women during the last 9 decades. But, now, the Saudi government has lifted many restrictions on women. Many foreign tourist ladies travel to Saudi Arabia for exploring its culture, food, historical places, and festivals. These visiting ladies visit Saudi Arabia solo or in groups. In this context, consider this topic to be authentic information about, “Can a solo lady spend 3 months in Saudi Arabia?”

Saudi Arabia, also known as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is a country in Western Asia on the Arabian Peninsula. It is the largest country in Western Asia, the second-largest in the Arab world, and has a land area of around 2,150,000 square kilometers. It is also the fifth-largest country in Asia.

Visiting Saudi Arabia is a good choice for every tourist from all over the world. It might not be on everyone’s list, but it is definitely worth a trip. It was out of range of possible destinations due to Saudi Arabia’s strict visa rules. Previously, only business visits and invitations from residents were allowed to enter the KSA. So when Saudi authorities announced the tourist visa in 2019, many tourists started to visit the country, whether they were men or women.

Solo women – Staying in Saudi Arabia for 3 months

Prior to a few years ago, Saudi Arabia declared its Vision 2030, which essentially entails growing its tourist industry to 30 million by 2030, not just for Umrah but also for all types of travel.

In September 2019, the Saudi government introduced a new visa system, called the “e-visa system”. According to Saudi law, tourist visa holders may visit all cities in Saudi Arabia as well as perform the Umrah.

The multiple-entry tourist visa has a 90-day or 3-month stay limit and a 12-month validity period starting from the date of issuance.

So, tourists can spend 3 months in Saudi Arabia during their stay, whether they are men or women.

During the last 3 years, many restrictions on women have been lifted by the Saudi government. Many female tourists from other countries visit Saudi Arabia to experience its festivals, historical sites, and cuisine. These foreign women travel to Saudi Arabia either alone or in groups. So, in this way, a solo woman can spend 3 months in Saudi Arabia during her stay if the visa is valid for 1 year from the date of issue.  

But, previously, it was not possible for women to travel to Saudi Arabia alone and spend 3 months. However, in 2018, Saudi authorities allowed at least 25-year-old women to visit Saudi Arabia without joining a tour group or being accompanied by a family member. During this era, solo ladies could spend only 30 days or 1 month in Saudi Arabia with a single-entry tourist visa.

Can women travel alone in Saudi Arabia?

Women may now travel alone in Saudi Arabia under current law. They are able to travel or live alone. They are able to travel by cab, bus, train, and airplane as well as dine, stay, and drink alone. Outside the larger cities, it is uncommon and socially unacceptable, so the majority still do not. They also Book their Umrah and Hajj Packages by themselves.

In Saudi Arabia, women are therefore free to travel alone, but most choose not to.

However, in recent years, you will notice a lot of solo ladies wandering around the Malls, shopping malls, restaurants, cafes, public places, etc. in major towns and cities.     

Solo travel goals in Saudi Arabia

When you set out on a solo holiday, there is nothing quite like the sensations of adventure, anticipation, and excitement you experience. While the unknown can be exciting, you should make sure the place you’re visiting is kind, safe, and culturally varied.

 Saudi Arabia has recently been named the safest G20 country, and with an abundance of culture, beauty, and unique culinary experiences, it is an ideal holiday spot for solo travellers. The solo travel goals in Saudi Arabia are as follows:

  • Arabian sights

There are numerous fascinating sites in Saudi Arabia, ranging from historical fortifications in Riyadh to bustling souks and local marketplaces in Al Jubail to the ultra-modern malls of Al Khobar which could occupy a curious solo traveller either a man or a woman for years. List the major attractions, including the magnificent Hegra Tombs in Al Ula, the Gate to Makkah in Jeddah’s neighborhood, the Shubra Palace in Taif, and the watchtowers and artifacts at Tabuk Castle.

  • Heroic hospitality

The seriousness with which Saudis treat their hospitality makes it unlikely that solo travellers, whether they are men or women, will get a friendlier welcome anywhere else in the world. Generous hospitality is a fundamental component of Saudi culture, it is a centuries-old practice that has evolved into an art form that may be appreciated when visiting any restaurant, museum, hotel, or private residence.

  • Confident travel

Innovation, reform, and forward-thinking arts and cultural programs have all contributed to Saudi Arabia’s safe and friendly climate and helped it top the G20’s list of most secure countries, giving visitors who are travelling alone more confidence.

  • Natural wonders

 Although the huge desert vistas and arid plains that come to mind are breathtakingly gorgeous to witness, Saudi Arabia’s terrain is incredibly diverse. The Asir Mountains, located in the southwest of Saudi Arabia, are covered in fog as they rise over lush vegetation and vibrant flowers. The northernmost mangrove forest in the world can be found along the Red Sea coast. Off the southwest coast, the archipelago that makes up the Farasan Islands is teaming with animals and has beautiful coral reefs that are just waiting to be discovered.

Awkward situations for solo Travellers

The awkward situations for solo travellers are as follows:

Miscommunication with the Taxi Driver

 In most cases, taking a taxi is the ideal form of transportation for solo travellers. Contrary to other local transportation options, such as mass transit, a taxi is quite practical, quiet, more private, better for carrying luggage, and simple to locate in towns and cities.

However, issues could arise if you take a taxi and the driver doesn’t understand a word you’re saying. You are unable to define where specifically you wish to be driven as a result.

Confusion at the Railway station

Travellers who are travelling alone frequently experience confusion at the train station. In general, travellers may encounter uncomfortable circumstances when travelling alone, particularly if it is their first solo journey.

For instance, somebody might purchase the incorrect ticket and travel to a mysterious location where there is no way to get out other than returning the way you came. They could possibly board the incorrect train, which would put them in a comparable predicament. Being abandoned in an unfamiliar place might leave you feeling sad and humiliated.

Wrong Food order

When travelling alone in a new city, people frequently encounter situations like this one. If the city’s native tongue is not included in your codex, you run the risk of ordering something you can’t eat because it is unfamiliar.

If you don’t like it, it might be unpleasant, but if it contains components to which you’re allergic, it might be fatal.

Unexpected strangers

Always be on the lookout for strangers when travelling alone to a foreign location where you do not know anyone. Strangers can occasionally surprise you by being incredibly polite and helpful. Then you start speaking with them, but you are unsure if the stranger is sincere or if they will leave you and steal your things.

Even worse, you might become a victim of a violent crime, like murder.

Women problems

Did you know that just being a woman can land you in some awkward solo traveller situation? Yes, it can. It’s a sad fact of life. If you are travelling abroad alone as a woman, you might be shocked by what you find – or not; girls have to put up with an awful lot more crap than men do. Fight me on this.

For instance, the social norms for women very greatly throughout various countries. In some cultures, the age limit for unmarried women is 30 years, meaning that after 30, you ought to be in your husband’s house rather than exploring on your holiday. It gets worse when, as in Saudi Arabia, local law forbids such women from travelling vast distances on their own.  


During the past nine decades, Saudi Arabia has been well-known for its harsh laws regulating women. But these limitations on women have been removed by the Saudi authorities. Saudi Arabia welcomes a lot of female tourists from different countries who want to enjoy its culture, history, and food. These foreign ladies may travel individually or in groups to Saudi Arabia by taking Hajj and Umrah Package.

In this context, so long as the visa is valid for a year from the date of issuance, a solo woman can stay in Saudi Arabia for 3 months.