Must-Experience Road Trips Across South India

south india road trips

As you head towards the southern piece of India, you’ll be dazzled by its rich culture. The shoreline in this area is unbelievably lovely, with dazzling water sees that will make you need to remain until the end of time. You’ll be stunned by the authentic structures and enchanting settings, which add to the magnificence of your excursion. Generally, visiting the south of India vows to be a remunerating experience loaded up with stunning landscape and a mix of old-world appeal and present day request.

Going on a street outing is an extraordinary method for loosening up, partake in the organization of your loved ones, stop at delightful places, and evaluate nearby food at your own speed. In South India, there are a lot of energising excursion courses to investigate, where you can coincidentally find unseen regions while sticking to your number one tunes, gaining experiences that are really extraordinary.

You totally should go on these street outings when you’re in South India! We emphatically suggest encountering these courses somewhere around once in your life.

1. Bangalore to Goa

Envision setting out on an excursion where you’ll experience spouting cascades, moist streets, lovely valleys, serene lakes, and stunning sea shores. How captivating does that sound? You could observer these marvels inside only 60 minutes! Furthermore, remember to respect the Western Ghats as they change into a range of varieties along your excursion from Bangalore to Goa.

2. Mangalore to Goa

The excursion from Mangalore to Goa is an exemplary decision, particularly for the individuals who love sea shores. Taste on reviving coconut water as you loosen up on quiet shores, re-energizing your energy. Make a point to come by Murudeshwar and the lovely sea shores of Gokarna for an extraordinary scuba jumping experience, a must-do experience!

3. Hyderabad to Araku Valley

This excursion in Southern India offers a different encounter, with prairies, shorelines, and slope stations up and down the way. The excursion goes through Hyderabad, Vishakhapatnam, and Vizag prior to arriving at the picturesque objective of Araku. Taking the lovely course from Hyderabad to Araku for a remarkable experience is energetically suggested. travel video

4. Pamban Extension

In the event that you’re searching for an escape in South India, think about an outing to Pamban Extension. It’s a critical encounter, particularly the 13-kilometre stretch in Rameshwaram where water encompasses you on all sides. Pamban, situated on Rameshwaram island, is associated with Tamil Nadu by this scaffold. The view is really hypnotising, making it a must-visit objective.

5. Kochi to Kanyakumari

The 300-kilometre venture from Kochi to Kanyakumari is ideally suited for water darlings. En route, you’ll pass by sea shores, backwaters, verifiable and political destinations, fishing towns, lavish valleys, from there, the sky is the limit. Driving from Kerala to Tamil Nadu is really a hypnotising experience!

6. Chennai to Munnar

You’ll esteem the beautiful good country streets, dazzling sea shores, and huge tea bequests. The drive ordinarily requires something like 12 hours.

7. Bandipur to Periyar

For untamed life darlings, this excursion is a must-do, as the two areas are ideally suited for spotting tigers. This is one motivation behind why it’s a particularly well known vacationer location. Furthermore, you’ll get to find the rich natural life of the area as you go through miles of espresso ranches and lavish backwoods.

8. Sakleshpur

Sakleshpur, settled in the Western Ghats, is a beguiling town. A bicycle ride from Bangalore requires around 4 hours to arrive at here. Encircled by rich vegetation, the town flaunts different manors like espresso, cardamom, and pepper. Investigating the close by ranches by bicycle and afterward leaving on a moving climb to the peak makes for a genuinely magnificent encounter. city of chennai

9. Gandikota

Gandikota, situated on the banks of the Penna Stream, is renowned for its stronghold and shocking view. Frequently called the Stupendous Gulch of India, many unlikely treasures in this space stay unseen by sightseers. The best chance to visit is from September to February when the weather conditions is wonderful, permitting explorers to completely partake in the regular magnificence of Gandikota and feel revived.

10. Hoggenakkal Falls

These flowing falls hold an exceptional charm and are a famous spot close to Dharmapuri. Riding your bicycle here is an extraordinary method for getting away from the hurrying around of daily existence. In the event that you’re fortunate, you could get a brief look at birds taking off from far off. One more feature in the space is the Mettur Dam, worked across the Kaveri Waterway right at the ravine. The dam’s remarkable plan and the encompassing green slopes make it a high priority fascination.


Set out on extraordinary excursions across South India with these must-encounter travels. From the beach front magnificence of Bangalore to Goa to the lavish scenes of Chennai to Munnar, each course offers a special experience. Find the rich culture, shocking view, and different natural life that look for you on these entrancing drives.