spiritual places in kashmir

Indian people display deep religious inclinations, which leads them to explore spiritual destinations globally. India, which has the largest number of pilgrims, follows diverse customs. Famous for its enchanting natural beauty, Jammu and Kashmir is also a religious center. Containing incredible religious sites, it attracts pilgrims from different religions. Often known as the Switzerland of India, this region, situated between the Himalayas and the Pir Panjal range, mesmerizes with its stunning views. Beyond its natural attractions, Kashmir is a spiritual paradise. Here, in this enchanting state, we present the top 10 spiritual places that you must visit in Kashmir for a soulful experience.

Kheer Bhawani Temple

Located near Tulmul village, Kheer Bhawani Temple is a revered place for Hindu followers. Devotees express their worship and faith by offering rice and milk kheer to Kheer Bhawani. Built over a small marble waterfall, this temple becomes a focal point during the annual festival celebrated on the eighth day of the full moon in May or June. Believers believe that the color of spring changes according to the incarnations of the goddess.

Shankaracharya Temple

Situated atop the Shankaracharya Hill on the Zabarwan Mountain in Kashmir, this temple, also known as the Jyeshteshwara Temple, is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Situated at a height of 1000 feet above the ground, it is one of the oldest temples in the Kashmir Valley. The unique architectural design of the temple attracts attention, providing visitors with a wonderful view of the surroundings.

Raghunath Temple

Located in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, the Raghunath Temple enjoys global fame. Dedicated to Lord Ram, it was initially constructed by Maharaja Gulab Singh and later completed by Maharaja Ranbir Singh. The interior of the temple has a well-crafted gold-inlaid shikhara, artistic depictions of deities Rama and Krishna, and a gateway decorated with Surya symbols. Additionally, the temple houses a library and consists of seven Hindu shrines with seven magnificent pinnacles.

Sharika Devi Temple

Located on Hari Parbat in Srinagar, the Sharika Devi Temple is dedicated to Goddess Jagadamba Sharika Bhagwati. The sacred idol depicts the goddess seated on Sri Chakra, with 18 arms. Revered as one of the holy sites for Kashmiri Pandits, this temple holds vital importance among Hindu followers. Especially on the birthday of Goddess Sharika Bhagwati, devotees visit the temple in large numbers.

Jamia Masjid

Jamia Masjid is one of the largest and most sacred mosques in Srinagar. With its Indo-Saracenic style architecture and majestic courtyard adorned with 370 wooden pillars, the mosque exudes immense charm. Muslims gather in large numbers every Friday and it remains a top attraction for tourists. Spread over a vast area, housing around one lakh people, the serene environment of Jama Masjid adds to its popularity among the Muslim community and visitors.

Lord Surya or Martand Temple

Built-in the 8th century, the Martand Sun Temple is a Kashmiri Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Surya. Built by Lalitaditya Muktapida, the third ruler of the Karkota dynasty, the entire temple rested on 84 pillars, providing a breathtaking view of the Kashmir Valley. Sadly, the temple faced destruction on the orders of a Muslim ruler in the 15th century. Nonetheless, the Kashmiri architecture displayed in this temple was highly appreciated for its artistic excellence.

Amarnath Cave

Amarnath is one of the revered holy places in India for the devotees of Lord Shiva. Situated at an altitude of about 3,888 metres, about 141 kilometers from Srinagar, the cave can be reached through the town of Pahalgam. This temple holds paramount importance for the devotees of Lord Shiva. Being surrounded by snowy mountains throughout the year, pilgrims can reach this spiritual place only during the summer season. Every year thousands of Hindu devotees come on this pilgrimage, which increases the sanctity of this place.

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Vaishno Devi

The Vaishno Devi Temple is a Hindu temple situated in Katra within the state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is believed that lakhs of people come to this holy place to fulfill the wishes of the devotees. Darshan is open round the clock, all year round. Devotees are standing patiently in queues to get a glimpse of Mata Rani. The atmosphere echoes with the praise of Mother and the songs of Mother Vaishnavi. Every year, lakhs of people set out on pilgrimage, trekking approximately 13 kilometers to reach the cave of the goddess, making it a spiritually significant journey.

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Located 28 kilometers from Srinagar, Charar-e Sharif is one of the most popular Muslim holy places in Kashmir. Also known as “Shaikh Noor-ud-din Wali”, the shrine is highly revered among Muslims in gratitude to the Sufi saint Sheikh Noor-ud-din Noorani for his generosity. This 600-year-old Dargah has the distinction of being one of the most sacred sites for Muslims in India.

Dastgeer Sahib

Located in the heart of Srinagar, Ziyarat Dastgeer Sahib is an almost 200-year-old temple that was constructed in 1806. Later expanded by Khwaja Sanaullah Shawl in 1877, the temple increased in interest and grandeur. On the birth anniversary of Abdul Qadir Gilani, pilgrims come to this place to participate in Ziyarat and pray for a prosperous life.