Uses of Square Hollow Section in Travelling

square hollow section in travelling

Square Hollow Section (SHS) is one of the most commonly used materials in construction. It is a type of structural steel formed by cutting a piece of metal into an angular shape and forming it into a square or rectangular cross-section. While it is widely used in construction, it has several uses in the travelling industry as well. In this blog, we will look at some of the uses of SHS in travelling.

What is the Square Hollow Section?

A Square Hollow Section (SHS), often called a square tube or square box section, is a type of hollow structural steel section characterized by its square or rectangular shape. SHSs are commonly used in construction and engineering applications, offering excellent strength and stability while relatively lightweight. These sections are produced in various dimensions and thicknesses, making them versatile for various structural and architectural purposes. 

They are commonly used in constructing frames, support structures, fencing, handrails, and furniture due to their geometric symmetry and ability to bear heavy loads. The inherent design of square hollow sections provides uniformity and ease of connection, making them a popular choice in building and infrastructure projects.

Uses of square hollow section in Travelling

Luggage Racks:

Luggage racks are an essential component of any vehicle. They are used to transport large items that won’t fit inside the normal luggage compartment of a vehicle. Luggage racks can be made using SHS to create a sturdy and durable load-bearing structure. The SHS ensures that the luggage rack can carry heavy items without bending or breaking, therefore ensuring the safety of your luggage.

Bike Racks:

Bike racks are another essential item for those who enjoy spending time outdoors. SHS is an excellent material for creating sturdy and durable bike racks. The rectangular or square shape of SHS makes it ideal for holding bikes upright, preventing them from moving during transportation. This helps to reduce the risk of damage to your bike or other vehicles.

Trailer Hitches:

Trailer hitches are an essential part of any vehicle needing towing a trailer. The square shape of SHS makes it ideal for creating a strong and durable trailer hitch, as it can withstand heavy loads and the stresses of towing. Using SHS to create a trailer hitch can provide a safer and more secure way to transport your goods or equipment.

Car Chassis:

The car’s chassis is the structural framework that supports the vehicle’s weight and everything attached to it. SHS is used in the construction of car chassis to create a strong and durable frame that ensures the safety of the driver and passengers. SHS helps to distribute the load evenly across the chassis, reducing the risk of accidents due to a weak frame.

Roof Racks:

Roof racks are essential for carrying extra luggage or equipment on top of a vehicle. SHS is an excellent material for creating a strong and stable roof rack, as it can withstand heavy loads and weather conditions. The square shape of SHS allows it to be easily attached to the vehicle’s roof, providing a sturdy platform for your cargo.


In conclusion, Square Hollow Section (SHS) is an essential component of any travelling industry. The uses of SHS in Travelling are infinite, from luggage racks and bike racks to car chassis and trailer hitches. Using SHS ensures that your luggage, equipment, and other cargo are transported safely and securely. Its durability and strength make it a trusted material in the travelling industry, and its versatility makes it a go-to material for designers and engineers.