Why should you start peeping for Thanksgiving Flight Deals?


Yes, fall is almost over and we all have started to sense winter with the increasing chill. Winter is not all about wearing heavy clothes and heating up your living space. There are a number of holiday periods too like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year and others. Thanksgiving out of these is celebrated with greater fervor in the USA, than in any other Western country. Traditionally this day was meant to thank the lord for everything we have, particularly for a good harvest. However you will have to note that the USA is a large country, so the harvest times vary from one state to another. Still, everyone celebrates it on the 4th Thursday of every November here.  

How do you want to spend your Thanksgiving weekend?

Quite a few companies and most schools stay closed on the following Friday, so people can get a long 4-day break in the middle of winter. This time can be used for a number of purposes and one of these is travel. If you have wanted to go to a tourist resort for some time but have not been able to due to a shortage of time, these holidays will give you ample opportunity for this. The choice of destination also depends on what you want to do in this season. Some of you may be interested in winter sports and can go skiing or ice staking in northern holiday resorts. You may need a break from the cold, so you can explore the warmer destinations in the south of the continent. What is recommended is that you start looking for Thanksgiving Flight Deals now.

Booking early are the magic words

If you travel often you will know the importance of booking flights early and if you are planning your first holiday around Thanksgiving time, we will recommend this. The explanation for this is simple enough. 

  • If you book early, you will be able to choose the airlines you want to fly with, the date you want to fly on and the cabin you want to be in easily. These may not be available at a later date. 
  • Also, most airlines prefer to have their seats for every flight booked as early as possible. This means that they offer seats for lower rates when more of these are available, to have them filled quickly. As fewer available seats remain, they tend to increase the air ticket prices as more people will be willing to pay the increased price. 

Choose your airline carefully

So, no matter where you are planning your Thanksgiving flights for, you must start booking them now. Unless you don’t mind paying a little extra and if you are prepared to be flexible with your flight details. Most families get together for dinner on this day and turkey is on the menu in most households. So, if you live far away from your family, this will be the right time to join them. Some families may plan to get away together to see a different city for entertainment and activities not offered in their cities. You will have enough time to bond on the flights. It is advised that you always request the airline that you all get to be seated together. You can choose to fly with low-cost airlines like Frontier, Endeavor Air or with airlines that have all frills included in the air ticket price like Delta, United. Every airline has a different seating policy, so you will have to check how you will be seated when you book your tickets.

Expect some good offers before they expire

Most airlines offer different cabins with different comforts. However, most low-cost airlines offer seats only in the economy cabin. So, you can choose the cabin and airline according to the budget you have in mind. Some of these airlines offer discounts so you can book cheap flights on Thanksgiving Day, with a smile. The seats on this day will be filled easily as quite a few people will want to take advantage of the days off, so why will the airlines have offers for you? The reason is straightforward. This is a national holiday and they want to join in the fun with you. This indicates that they are socially active and responsible organizations that are in the business for more than just profit. You can also expect something different in the on-flight menus and the cabin crew can be seen wearing badges or extensions to their clothes, just to celebrate the holidays with you.

Some final words

Yes, everyone wishes you well for this day, but you will need to be active if you want to save money. Book now to make sure that you don’t overpay for the same seats later.