Stunning Irish Castles that will Amaze Your Spirits

Irish Castles

You will find the most powerful castles in Ireland, from Antrim coast cliffside ruins to the medieval fortress in Limerick.

From the Vikings to the Norman invasion, the history of Ireland is packed with  major events and stormy times.  Important evidence of the past can be found throughout the country. Irish castles vary from the Middle Ages to the residences in the late 19th century, and they are all very charming. Some fell into despair and remained in ruins, some were open to the public, and some were privately owned or turned into luxurious five-star hotels. These beautiful Irish castles are spread all over the country and are well worth a visit.

Some of the Most Beautiful Castles Of Ireland

Classiebawn Castle

The very  first and beautiful Irish castle is found in the Mullaghmore village of County Sligo. Classiebawn Castle looks like something pulled out of a fairy tale. It was built by Viscount Palmerston, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The construction of the castle was completed in 1874 and was mainly built of Donegal stone. It can be said that the most significant moment in history was the assassination of royal relatives nearby.

Doonagore Castle

Doonagore Castle in County Clare is the second most beautiful Irish castle. The first castle here was built in the 14th century on the site of a ring fortress. The castle that stands today dates back to the middle of the 16th century and is called a tower house. Over the years, Doonagore has gone through many efforts. In 1588, a ship from the Spanish fleet crashed near the castle. Although 170 passengers survived the crash, they were all hanged. Yes, all of them were killed.

Dunluce Castle

The Romantic aul Dunluce Castle ruins are perched on a steep cliff along the craggy coastline of County Antrim. The castle is the source of travellers all over the world, and nothing is more unique. According to a folk tale, on an overly windy night of the year 1639, a part of the castle’s kitchen, near the cliff face, collapsed into the icy waters below. The unique appearance and quirky legend of this castle have attracted great attention online in recent years. Over the years, this castle has stood tall. You can enjoy it if you make Delta Airlines book flights and visit Ireland and adore the views from inside or outside.

Cú Chulan Castle

Dún Dealgan Motte (commonly known as Cú Chulan) in County Louth sits on a ridge overlooking the Castletown River waters. Legend has it that the powerful Irish warrior Cú Chulann used Dún Dealgan Motte as his base when he attacked the forces of Connacht’s Queen Meave. Other legends say that this is the birthplace of Cuchulain. If you are heading to Ireland and looking for a castle off the beaten track near Dublin, come here-well worth a visit!

Roscommon Castle

Built in 1269 by Robert De Ufford, Roscommon Castle is situated in Justiciar in Ireland. It was demolished by the Cromwell-style “iron rim” in 1652 and burned down in 1690. Attractions include hill bones, wildflower meadows, bird walks, lake views and children’s playgrounds

Kilkenny Castle

When fully restored to its original condition, Kilkenny Castle is what you would think of when you imagine an Irish castle. Since the castle is a self-guided tour, you can proceed at your own pace. Every room has someone to answer questions. One thing that makes this Castle so great for families is Numerous sidewalks with play areas and natural bushes perfect for climbing trees and are ideal places for an afternoon picnic or outing. One street front from the Kilkenny Design Center is a lovely cafe with fresh pastries and sandwiches.

Charleville Castle

Charleville Castle is situated outside Tullamore in Offaly. This castle is amazingly well preserved if compared to its origin from the 1600s. It is said that Harriet died in the castle in 1861. There have been many reports of witnessing her ghost over the years. A little girl ghost…brick shit. The Irish castles have another level of beauty and you can adore the beauty of these if you make a Frontier Airlines book flight and visit here to enjoy a full picturesque view.

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