How To Style Yourself For Summer Vacationing?

summer vacationing

It is a known fact that travelling is not all about exploring places. It is also about having a good feeling and a nice appearance. Unfortunately, we often don’t understand how to be comfortable and stylish during our exploration. Summer can be harsh for you if you choose to pack the wrong apparel and accessories.

To be all comfy under the blazing sun, your backpack should include light cotton clothes and polarized sunglasses to protect your eyes. But if you want a detailed guide on how to style your summer vacation with utmost style and comfort, read the article through the end for some tips.

Things you should pack for your summer trip

Travelling in summer can be challenging if you don’t pack the right things. Here’s what you should keep with you to ensure style and comfort on your summer trip.

Solid casual t-shirts

If you are visiting tropical lands this summer, the weather around this time is likely to be hot and humid. And you definitely don’t want to overdress just to look good. So, solid tees can be your best partner. Choose light colours such as light pink, baby blue, pale yellow, earthy brown, or light lavender. To add a hint of a style statement, go for tees with rough edges. This will give a nice raw look. But make sure the t-shirt is not too tight and keeps some room for your body to breathe.

Chinos shorts

Chino shorts can make a great replacement for jeans in summer. They are versatile, casual, stylish, and lightweight, making a good choice for leisure travellers in summer. Plus, shorts are a more convenient type of apparel when travelling because they would take less space. These shorts can be paired with casual t-shirts or lightweight linen shirts. Finally, put on loafers or sandals; you are ready to slay in your look. 


Joggers are an ultimate style option to look cool and sexy on summer vacation. If worn properly, they can make you look trendy. Nowadays, joggers come in various styles and are not at all limited to your athleisure. So if you choose to go for joggers, it can never fail. Pair them with cool sneakers, round neck t-shirts and your favourite sunglasses to complete the look, and you are ready to make your trip more comfy, fun, and stylish.


Sunglasses are an essential accessory in tripping. Your eyes need protection from harmful UV rays and glaring waterbodies in summer. When you want to shield your eyes with style, there could not be any other great option than a nice pair of black sunglasses for men. Make sure your glasses are polarised to ensure complete protection. Polarised lenses will eliminate most of the glare, keeping your eyes safe from straining looking at the large water body.

Slip-on footwear

No one likes to go through the hassle of lace-on lace-off with shoes when travelling. A simple and stylish option is to go for slip-on footwear. Go for a lightweight, travel-friendly slip-on. Make sure you feel comfortable with your footwear; hence, try them before you pack for the trip. Slip-on can be the most comfortable option when chosen with the suitable material.