Top 6 Features That Guarantee the Success And Growth Of Your Taxi Booking App


The transportation industry triumphs most business segments in terms of popularity and growth. People prefer to travel in comfort and at their convenience. It is no secret that it has led to Uber Clone App Development. 

It is clear that Uber Taxi App is expanding, there is rarely a nation across the globe where it hasn’t marked its presence. Ride-hailing Apps are fantastic for those who are looking for quick business visibility and improved profits as people will be in either case using them for their daily commute.

Witnessing the rise in the numbers, it makes sense for entrepreneurs to show interest in developing the app. There must be some significant reasons behind the success and growth of the Taxi Booking App. That element that holds the biggest credit is – Technology.

How On-demand App Technologies Is Changing The Way We Used To Travel

The days of waving for the taxi, and having your map handy to make sure that you are traveling on the right route are long gone. Instead, there is an interactive ride-hailing app that can be downloaded on the smartphone and used as and when needed. The app owner can generate money through commission, subscription charges, cancellation of rides, 3rd party ad banners, loyalty programs, and more. 

Taxi Booking Application is a segment that has sparked the interest of many aspiring entrepreneurs. No huge investments, can be launched in two weeks under your brand name and most importantly it can be customized as per your business requirements. Uber-like App is one app that beats most of the other On-demand App Categories.

What Makes Your Uber Clone App Software Successful?

How to start an Uber-like Business to taste a similar success? All you need is to have a brilliant idea and structured plan.

Research the market to know what your target audience is looking for. You will filter plenty of challenges and queries that you can address through your Taxi Booking App.

The best way to answer those pain points is by integrating the advanced-tech features in your Uber Clone App software:

1. Real-time tracking services

Developing a taxi app and not offering real-time tracking services will be a downer. GPS tracking allows the drivers to offer an accurate estimate of the arrival to the destination. Some advanced-tech features offer insights into traffic jams, and unexpected interruptions which can hamper the travel time of the driver. Also, it provides peace of mind to drivers and passengers both knowing that they are traveling on the right route. 

Additionally, the drivers are aware that they are under surveillance hence creating a better service quality experience for your passengers.

The real-time tracking feature ensures that the routes are functional and for hiccups, the most efficient routes are available to the drivers so that they can reach on time.

2. Taxi booking using the iWatch App

Offering this new convenience to your users to book your taxi booking app visibility. Wearable technology is in and people are loving it using the same. Now majority of the apps are offering synchronization through smartwatches which even makes the task easier. 

Taxi booking using the iWatch App allows Apple Users to book their taxis through their Apple Watch. The iWatch App allows users to book taxis, make payments, get ETA, and also offer feedback/ratings through it.

It eliminates the need to get the phone out and book taxis. All it requires is to have your user’s iPhone connected to the smartwatch. 

3. Multi-lingual and currencies

This is the most significant feature of the Uber Clone App is integrating it with multiple languages and currencies. Allowing you to cater to a diverse range of users. Customers of different countries can book taxis in their preferred language and currency thus bringing higher conversion in customers using the app especially when English and USD –American Dollar are not their language and currency.

4. Ride is now scheduled for later

Earlier, people had to book their taxi rides for their upcoming trips. Integrating this feature in your app, allows the passenger to book taxis as per their convenience and schedule the ride for a later date.  So, whether your users wish to travel at 2 am or noon doesn’t matter. They can use this feature and schedule their ride.

5. Book a ride for someone else

This feature allows the users to, book a ride for someone who doesn’t have the app. Also, this can be for those who don’t know how to book a taxi through an app. This feature allows the person to make a taxi booking for another person and view the tracking in real-time. The individual undertaking the booking process will receive the details of the taxi.  Once the taxi is booked, it will reach the destination for the pick-up and drop-off. 

6. Multiple payment modes

Depending on your geographic location and demographic choices, integrating multiple payment options can work in your favor. Offering varied payment options to the riders allows them to pay the taxi fares with ease. This can be a Debit/Credit card, In-app Wallet, or Cash. 

It hardly takes a minute to process the payment and offers complete transparency that boosts the trust of the passengers in your Ride-hailing App.  

In Conclusion

Gone are the days when people waited on the road, waving to hail a taxi. We have landed into the times where this thing is easily taken care of. By developing the Uber Like Taxi Booking App, you can enjoy a similar success to that of Uber. Having a dedicated Ride-hailing App under your brand name brings more traffic and conversions to your app. 

Carefully plan every step ensuring that your taxi app answers the pain points and they stick with your app for their commuting needs.