Tarsar Marsar Trek: Complete guide

tarsar marsar trek


Tarsar Marsar could be possibly the most beautiful tour in India. This is an assumption that we don’t take lightly. Particularly, when its more difficult companion trek, Kashmir Great Lakes, is included in the itinerary.

But, Tarsar Marsar is a hike where the alpine lakes have the form of their own. This isn’t only the fact that you are able to camp alongside these blue lakes that are fed by snow. or the tranquility of these camping spots

You are able to skip the entire area that is Tarsar and Sundersar by requesting multiple perspectives of the exact lake!


There is also the unaccessible Marsar which is almost always concealed under a layer of darkness. We can see the lake through an overhang, which is about 600-700 feet below. It’s an ideal spot to appreciate the grandeur of the lake, and the sun shining right over it. Then, a couple of dogs scurry across the canyon in a U shape, and verify their position that they are above the lake. The lake vanishes out of my view in just a few minutes!

It is a Tarsar Marsar trek takes you for you in the center of Kashmir. From the small town of Aru to the quaint corridors of Lidderwat. From the rolling, leafy highlands that are Shekhawas to the vast lakes of the alpine. The climate in Tarsar Marsar is extremely that it makes you look horrified for several weeks at a time.

I loved the solitude of the lakes during this trip, something I didn’t have during this trip. I was enthralled by the solitude of these lakes that you don Kashmir Great Lakes journey. excellent on the shores of Tarsar and Sundarsar camp on the grassy banks of these lakes, and observing the blue-blue haze of the water that are in snow patches.

The scene was a memory for me. We took long walks by myself along the beaches of the lakes, thinking to yourself. These were some of the most memorable junctures on an excursion, and I couldn’t find elsewhere. Tarsar always provides me with these kinds of moments.

Tarsar Marsar trek:

The names Tar as well as Mar in Kashmiri refer to being and the end of. There is a remarkable provincial tradition in Kashmir regarding the reason how these lakes came to be called exceptionally. Ask your chartists for the source.

People say that you is able to gain consensus on Tarsar lake. Tarsar lake. It brings together one area to another and leads to your thinking in a neutral state. The other arrow is that it is known that Marsar lake has many.

Sundersar is the largest lake that is located on the Tarsar Marsar trek, is typically called Chandrasar due to the moon-shaped crescent-shaped diagram on the water. In this trek, you take a trip to three amazing lakes that give you an extensive knowledge of Kashmir.

July to October :

It is thought that July-October would be to be the ideal time for this journey. July and August , being the summer months are nice. The travel experience is most enjoyable at this time. People also go to it when it snows, which has its own style and elegance.

We were accompanied in the last month of July. The trail was lush , and the wildflowers were blooming. There were a few spots of rain on the mountain peaks. The temperature was awe-inspiring and the evening weather was pleasant.

The walk was fairly steady and the walk was on an uninspiring path. The stream of Lidder was flowing along but at a lesser distance beneath the path. The bridge created a small cascade of water were flowing along the pathway. The sun was scorching and the cold hues lingered.

Small, thorny grains that were vicious and beautiful blond blooms replaced the Tall Pine trees that you walk past on your way to Lidderwat. After three kilometers, the bottom of the valley was infested by stones. The climb was steady but not as consistent with the day before.

After returning at Gadsar Lake we had the complete twilight with us. We took a break while playing tournaments and then sat for hours in the rain cascades, looking at the scenery. There were rough mountains all around, with many of them surrounded by lush Pastures. It was flowing at low tempi on our side, and the taper cascades were merging into the stream. There were a lot of sheep at the top right in the distance in front of us. They seemed to be heading off for their homes after skimming through the wide day. It was all surreal.

This is all about this wonderful trek. We hope you have a moment of peace, without hustle and bustle