How Taxi App Can Grow Your Taxi Business In Thailand?

taxi booking app

Ever since Uber introduced us to the concept of being able to book cabs using a mobile app, it is evident that we can’t go back. We are so comfortable with the idea of pulling out our smart phones and just making a booking with our phones that any other way seems archaic.

If you too have a taxi business in Thailand and wish to grow it, then it is absolutely necessary for you to rely on a decent taxi app. Here’s how a taxi app can benefit your taxi business in Thailand.

Tourists love convenience

While it might be easy for the locals to wait for tuk tuks and hail a cab, it might be very difficult for a freshly arrived tourist in Thailand to get around without any hassles. Setting them up with an app is the best way to make sure that they don’t have to go dabbling about the streets or run around like headless chicken looking for help to get from one place to another, or worse, to rely on their trusty legs to get them by.

Having an app not only makes it very convenient for the users to find the taxis at the right time, it also instills faith in them. These days any company that has a decent reputation has their own app and by showing that you have one too, you will make sure that for the entire duration of their stay, the tourist remains loyal to your services.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is the gift of the technical world to the world of business. Especially that of the taxi business. Imagine a situation, where someone needs to catch a ferry in Thailand that will take them to Phi Phi island for a relaxing day tour. However, the ferry leaves at 9 am and the individual has to get there by 8.45 at any cost.

Now, if using conventional means, the user will have to rely on the receptionist of their hotel to make sure there’s a cab waiting for them. But with the help of an app, the user doesn’t have to wait for anyone. The GPS will make it very clear where the cab is, how much time it will take to reach them and what route it will be taking. Nothing gets easier than this.

More brand recognition

Thailand is a beautiful country hat is frequented by hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. If you are a smart entrepreneur, then you aren’t only looking to keep your taxi service local. You definitely want your company to grow into a successful brand that people recognize.

An app gives you that platform of brand recognition. With the help of an app and a website, you will be able to create and showcase your brand story and let your customers know what got you into the business, how you are better and why should people go for your services rather than anyone else’s.

Ensure that you get your logo designed carefully and use colors that can strike memory in the minds of your users. Keep it classy. You want to include all types of customers, from the rich tourists that come to Thailand on leisure, to a massage therapist who is going for work in the morning. The wider your range of taxis is, the wider will your audience be.

Referral marketing

Let us face it. Hailing a cab on the street is a happenstance. It is not something that will drive more business for you. But referral marketing and customer loyalty programs will. With the help of a taxi booking app, you can ensure that you come up with these kinds of marketing and promotional programs from time to time to boost your sales.

All you need to do is make sure that your current app user knows that the next time they hire a cab using your app, they can get a discount, or if they give their referral code to a family member or friend, they will be able to get a discount as well.

Securing the right app for the business

Everything hinges on a good app. If you really want to make the most of your taxi business, it is important that you purchase the right kind of application from a reputed company. There are many companies and developers out there who have started building their own on demand taxi apps based on the Uber model, also known as the Uber Clone. There are so many of them that it might get very difficult for you to choose which one is the best option for your business.

All you need to do is take a demo of the app before you purchase it. Make sure that you download the app that that you are planning to purchase (demo version) on multiple devices and make sure that there aren’t any unpleasant glitches into it. The app has to be tried and tested multiple times to make sure that it has all the features that are suitable for your region.

Another very important thing that you must make note of is that you get the language and currency of the region that you are planning to launch the app in so that your customers can use it without any problem. However, don’t forget that you have to maintain English and dollars in the app as well, so that your tourists can also enjoy your app.


Get hold of a good and reputed white label taxi app development company that can set you up with your app. The app can be white labeled with your logo and brand name along with the company colors, choice of additional language and currency apart from standard language of English and standard currency of dollars. Try the app before you make the purchase and you will sure succeed and grow your taxi business in Thailand with the Taxi app.

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