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Bangalore has various peaks that can be hiked to the top, each offering unique scenic views. With this in mind, people are looking for the best trekking  spots near Bangalore. If you’re not from Bangalore, are you tired of repeatedly asking your friends about places to visit in Bangalore?

Look no further. As a popular trekking club, here is a one-stop list of the best trekking spots near Bangalore. This list was compiled with all adventure seekers in mind, not just those who just want to escape the concrete jungle they live in, all those drivers who want to change gears and disappear. And your various ones whom we have cordially welcomed to our city from all parts of the country and the seven seas.

How to reach the trekking site from Bangalore

You can come here by bus or train and rent a car or taxi (Ola Outstation) from Bangalore. Distances from each location below are approximate distances from Bangalore (M.G. Road).

Trekking Places Near Bangalore

1. Skandagiri Hill Trek

If only Nandagiri Hill Trek is being talked about, please tell me there is another place that is very close and similar. Called Skandagiri, also known as Kalabala Durga, Chikbalapur district. The trek to the summit begins at Papagani Temple, easily accessible from Bangalore.

The trek to the summit can take 2-3 hours. Recommend arriving at the foot of the trek at 3:00 AM to see a spectacular sunrise with endless waves of clouds. Skandagiri also has one of his, now in ruins, in the Sultan’s Fort of Tipu, but there are also two caves along the route.

2.  Savandurga Trek

Have you ever wondered what the end of tomorrow will look like?

This hill station adjoins a temple town in the Tumkur district of Karnataka.

The trek to the summit begins at Sri Lakshmi Narasimawaran Temple. The landscape of the area is a combination of muddy sections, small forests and granite outcrops. The hike to the summit takes about 15-20 minutes. This is a very easy hike that can be enjoyed alone or in a group.

We recommend hiking in trekking shoes or bare feet for maximum grip. The best time to do this is he October to he January as the hills can be very slippery during the monsoons and the rocks can radiate too much heat in the summer. The view from the top is worth a visit, as from the top you will have a wonderful view of the lush forest and the endless turns of the Tippagondanahalli Reservoir of Magadi and Ramanagara. We recommend spending about 30 minutes at the top of the mountain with a 360-degree view.

3. Ramanagara Trek

This is a trek to ask your friends “Kitne Aadhmi te”. If you are visiting this place for the first time, you may be wondering if you have seen this place somewhere.

This hotel is located in the Ramanagara district, also known as ‘Silk City’. Ramanagara is surrounded by seven hills and is a great place for day trips and trekking. 400 steps hike to the top

Ramanagara is just 50km from Bangalore and the area is also known for some of the earliest climbing attempts.

The hills surrounding Ramanagara have unique similarities when viewed from four different angles. It gets chilly, so trekking early in the morning is recommended. The best time to visit this place is during the summer months from March to May. During monsoons, hiking at this location can be challenging as the rocks are slippery and leeches abound. At the top, you can enjoy a beautiful view of lush greenery.

4. Debarayana Durga Trek

This is a day trip from Bangalore. Devarayanadurga, also known as DD Hill, is located in Tumkur district, 50 km from Bangalore. It regularly attracts many visitors, both adventure seekers and pilgrims. DD Hills has two temples, Bhoga Narsimha Temple and Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple, which also hosts a chariot festival. There is also a large pond at the foot of the mountain.

The best time to visit the DD Hills is between March and April. The hike begins at the foot of the hill at a small brick-and-mortar building that resembles a tower. DD Hill has a hilltop fortress visible from Bhogha Narsingha Temple.

If you want to go further uphill, the trek is 2km long and may take 30-40 minutes.

5.Chitradurga Fort Trek

Another destination near Bangalore, where all bikers can A place to escape the usual traffic and ride into absolute bliss. Chitradurga Fort is located in the Chitradurga district and was also known as Chitardore during British rule.

The fort straddles several hills and sits on top that offers endless views of the flat valleys of the Chitradurga district. The name of the fort is Chitrakal Durga which means “beautiful fort” in Kannada. Chitradurga Fort is located 200 km from Bangalore and travels along a highway surrounded by an endless number of windmills. The fortress is fortified with seven walls that circle from the top of the hill to the lower floors. Today, the town of Chitradurga is in the first and second stages.

The 2nd and 3rd steps are passable and now also the official entrance. The inner walls are reinforced with thick walls, and you can notice small holes used for spy and weapon slots. Inside the fort are also several wells built to store the oil that was used to light the lamps at the time.

The fort also has a main hall called Ekateshwari, and right next to it you can see some pillars that were used to hang swings.

6. Madugiri Trek

What if I told him that it’s a short 100km drive from Bangalore and makes you feel the sky is not the limit?

Yes, Madugiri Hill is the second tallest monolith in Asia. The Madugiri trek is he one of the most eventful treks for those just starting the adventure journey of their lives. It is located in the Tumkur district about 106 kilometers from Bangalore and takes about 3 hours by car or bicycle.

On the steep slope of the hill is a fort built by Raja Hira Gowda of the Ganga dynasty. The name Madugiri means “honey hill” in Kannada. This is due to the abundance of bees that make the fort their habitat. One of the most important features of this site is the Dome of the Rock that sits on most of the hill.

The view from the top is mesmerizing as you can see the entire green covered area of ​​the Timalapura forest and a small lake nearby. Hiking to the summit takes you on a nostalgic journey through historic buildings. Half-ruined fortress walls and defensive walls and gates to be seen. Hiking can be done by experienced hikers. If you are a beginner, be well prepared as the difficulty of the trek ranges from moderate to difficult. This is due to the time of year and the steep slopes that occur in certain parts of the hill.

7. Kunti Betta Trek

Have you ever read a book and visualized characters and landscapes? Well, here’s your chance to live it for real. It’s time to dive into the chapters of the epic Mahabharata and relive them. Kunti Betta is located in Pandavapura. The place gets its name from the epic Mahabharata, where the Pandavas are said to have completed their 14-year journey.

It is located in the Mandir district, also known as ‘Sugar City’, about 130 kilometers from Bangalore. Along the way, you’ll discover the beauty of the sugar cane fields. The overpowering smell of jaggery makes you feel like a child in a candy store, hence the name ‘Sugar Town’. You will also come across some paddy fields. The hike begins at the temple at the foot of the hill and the hike is moderate to easy, depending on the season, but the hike to the top is a must-see.

Kunti Vetta is known for its spectacular sunrises over the hills, so early risers are encouraged to enjoy the sunrise. At the top, you can see some rather steep rocks and stone pillars. The Kunti Betta Trek is a small challenge for beginners, but it quickly turns into an interesting trek. Kunti Betta is a recommended place for trekking beginners as well as experienced trekkers.

8. Anthargage Trek

Have you ever wanted to face off against demons, or launch yourself like a ‘Falcon Heavy’? Anserganj has caves and also rocks called ‘devil’s horns’ and ‘launchpads’. Antaraganj is a mountain in the Shatasurunga range in Khora District, about 70 kilometers from Bangalore.

Located in a small town known as KGF. I’m not talking about Rocky Bay, I’m talking about the gold mine this place was famous for.

Anthargange also has religious significance due to its mesmerizing natural beauty interwoven with highly adventurous caves. There is also a temple called the Sri Kasi Vishweshara Temple, often referred to as the “Kasi of the South”.

 The hill is approximately 4021 feet high. The name ‘Antarganga’ means ‘inner source’. The trek to the summit starts at the temple and takes about an hour to reach the summit. There are lots of monkeys, so you shouldn’t carry around packages of snacks.

Anasarganji is known not only for its caves, but also for its dense forests and mountain peaks. It’s sure to get your adrenaline pumping and addictive for a great weekend. There are seven of his villages in this mountain range. Definitely make it early for the amazing sunrises this place has to offer.

9. Makaridurga Fort Trek

While traveling by train, we wondered and thought. This place is exactly what you imagined. Here you are standing on top and watching the passing trains at the foot of the hill.

Makari Durga is a great place for hiking, with a railroad running along the hill.

Makaridurga is located about 60 km from Bangalore. It may take around 2 hours to reach the location. It is located in Doddabalapur area. Makari Durga also gives you a sense of the place you’ve always imagined. Few people come here and the tranquility of the place overwhelms them.

This is the perfect place to escape the usual routine while hustling and honking in the hectic life of the concrete jungle. It is recommended to bring your own groceries, snacks and water during the trek as there are few shops nearby. The Makari Durga trek can be moderate to difficult depending on the season you visit as the rocks can be very slippery during the monsoon season.

Can easily climb over rocks and debris with little effort. The rock itself has instructions to guide you through the hike and get you golden. At the top is a huge ruined fortress spread over a certain area. The view from the top is quite enchanting, showing the beauty of the lake just a few kilometers from the hill.

10. Channarayana Durga Trek

A place to stand in the middle of the battlefield. It is called Chanarayana Durga. Used as a strategic defensive fortress in the Middle Ages, several battles were fought over its ownership