Beginner’s Guide to Thailand Fishing: The Ultimate Guide

arm yourself with proper fishing gear

People who have stayed in Thailand know that this place is the perfect destination for fishing. There are many facts that make this a crucial destination for anglers. The cities are amazing and attractive to make your holiday perfect and enjoyable.

Moreover, people in Thailand are friendly and warm that would provide you with a feeling at home. The biggest freshwater fish is found in Thailand. Fishes are not many but bigger in size. Here is the proper guide to Thailand fishing.

Available fish species to catch:

People like to catch big fish in various lakes, parks and rivers. You should arm yourself with proper fishing gear as there is no doubt not to hit the jackpot! You would find non indigenous and native varieties here. Native ones may include Chao Phraya Catfish, Giant Snakehead, Siamese Carp, Barramundi and Mekong Catfish. The fishing parks are well-monitored in Thailand. The government of Thailand has invested to maintain higher levels of worth fish and take measures that may encourage maintainable fish development in such regards.

Measured efforts for retaining higher fish stocks could be felt in different locations also such as Bungsamran. There are feeding routines and oxygenation systems to guarantee quality fish all over the year. People find quality fish as this place is warm and lakes fish are kept healthy and rejuvenated. Most of the lakes and parks provide fishing reels to fishermen. Moreover, you don’t have to bring your own fishing bait as it is given as well.

Top fishing destinations in Thailand

1. Paradise Lake:

There is not only one fishing spot in Thailand because it is full of them! Chiang Mai is the province located in Northern site and this place is well known for Dream Lake and Paradise Lake that represent an actual paradise for tourists and fishermen.

Paradise Lake is suitable for fishing and especially for beginners because it has reasonably easy water to do fishing. The area is about 3.5 acres and 0.5-3 meters of depth variability. This Lake has a supply of Mekong Catfish and Striped Catfish that weighs ten to thirty kilograms and there is also Tilapia, Java Barb as well as some barb and snakehead species.

2. TopCats Fishing Resort:

This place is another good venue for fishing. It is set on Koh Samui island that covers about six acres and stocked with many native species. You would find some imported species to Thailand as well. Predatory species like Sorubim, Alligator Gar, Arapaima Gigas, Redtail Catfish, Giant Snakehead and Chao Phraya Catfish. This fishing resort is proud to have the biggest Redtail Catfish all over the world and some specimens have more than 44.5 kilograms. Top resort includes a huge bar and restaurant that make it a perfect choice for fishermen.

3. Jurassic Fishing Park:

This park is located between paddy fields and mountainous landscapes and considered a world-class fishing spot that most anglers prefer for catching carp as well as predator fishing. You would find seventeen species of fish here. The depth of the medium lakes is about one to four meters. It has a spacious, shaded shelter and custom built for fishermen comfort and privacy when fishing. Limited fishermen are allowed here each day and they could swim in the lake if they want. This place is less crowded than others. You could get drinks and food delivered to you while swimming so that you don’t have to leave the spot.

This park offers you to catch Alligator Gar, Siamese carp, Redtail Catfish, Giant Gourami, Mekong Catfish and Rohu. It may cost you 6400 Baht for fishing in this park and it includes access to the park, one carp rod, one Arapaima rod, ten kilograms 25mm pellet, fish bait, tackle set, dinner and lunch. It doesn’t permit you to bring any bait, rod or tackle from outside.

You could stay at Jurassic Mountain Resort. This four-star resort has deluxe one and two bedroom suites and villas including a tropical garden, restaurant and swimming pool.

4. Gilhams Resort:

Gilhams resort has a resort and artificial lake and it is situated in Krabi that is known as a popular fishing spot in Thailand. It is designed with plateaus, deep channels, non-fishing area and shallow area. In the lake, you would find 46 fish species that could make your fishing enjoyable. This lake is the home of Alligator Gar, redtail catfish, Siamese carp, Rohu, Giant Gourami and Mekong Catfish.

There is a restaurant just beside the lake, a shop that sells ice-creams and snacks, a shelter with a fan, lights as well as charging points. You may find guides to assist you for fishing.

5. Cheow Lan Lake:

Cheow Lan Lake is a mesmerizing place situated in Khao-Sok national park near Phuket in Thailand. Anglers would find the scope of fly fishing and lure fishing. You could bring your own fishing gear as it won’t offer you these and rental gears are not so good in quality. There is an abode of Catfish, perch, Masheer and Barb species in this lake. You could stay at 500 Rai floating Resort and Khao Sok National resort. Both of these restaurants would provide you almost all amenities you would need.

6. Racha Island:

Racha Noi and Racha Yai islands are beautiful places that are situated about eighteen kilometers from Phuket. You would find snorkeling, swimming and fishing opportunities here. Common catches are Wahoo, Barracuda, Kawa Kawa Tuna, Skipjack, Dorado and Sailfish. Phuket is well known for catching big games. This fishing trip would cost you 2504 Baht per day including equipment, bait, lunch, drinks and fresh fruit that would be delivered to you on board. Rawai Grand House and Rayaburi resort are the two accommodation places for you.

7. Koh Samui:

Koh Samui Island is the best destination for experts and beginners as it is the largest island in Thailand. You would find fishing boats here that take you to the coast for best fishing. Big game fishing is possible on this island. The trip may cost 1500 Baht for a day and it includes baits, gears, lures, fill insurance, lunch buffet, life jacket, a guide and other equipment for fishing.

If you are an expert fisherman, you must explore these places when you are in Thailand. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, catching big games is an outstanding feeling that you could not find in other sports.

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